Who is what?
explanation of ranks and authorization levels
Postline 10.11.28, the software controlling this bulletin board system, assigns different levels of authorization to trusted members basing on the member's "rank" field. If the rank literally matches a certain set of predefined words, the member is granted the corresponding access rights. Of course, only those members who are already ranked as administrators may change a members' ranks by editing their profile forms. Finally, note that any literal string, placed in someone's rank field, but which does not match any of the following:

Admin ranks: admin, administrator, manager
Mod. ranks: mod, moderator, powercat

has no effect on the member's access rights (which remain those of a normal member), so there's no need for a regular member to be ranked as «member», although that's the default literal rank for each and every newly registered account.
service management
The Community Manager...
Rank: manager, account's logical id: strictly 1

Alex, community's founder and manager, has full administration rights over the boards: the access rights of a manager are exactly the same as those of an administrator, and furthermore, the manager's account is fully protected against deletion and access rights variations: admins can delete other admins, or undub them from their charge; the manager's rank, instead, cannot be changed, and the corresponding account cannot be deleted. There can be only one manager account: it's always the very first member who registers an account in a fresh installation of this community engine, so, this is typically the person who sets up the community in the first place, and often is someone who has direct access to the disk space of the server hosting the community.

The Administrators...
Ranks: admin, administrator
Apart from the manager, we have 5 administrators.
In alphabetical order:
  1. Cryoburner
  2. Peterpaul kl h
  3. Raptorjedi
  4. Ryan
  5. Skinnymon

Administrators, or admins, are the people who can create, delete, rename, lock and nlock, whole forums. They can also delete members at will, change members' ranks, alter all aspects of their profile informations. They can ban members and entire IP address ranges from logging in and registering new accounts. They also have direct write access to the community database through a special interface.

Admins list last updated October 02, 2022 12:53

The Moderators...
Ranks: mod, moderator, powercat
Complessively, we have 7 moderators.
In alphabetical order:
  1. Arrowgrab
  2. Chad
  3. Megagun
  4. Neuzd
  5. Pomelos
  6. Shadowlord
  7. Stargazer

Moderators are the people who watch over other people for most of the time: their ideal duty is that of monitoring anything, everywhere, in search for broken rules. Should they spot something that's not quite fitting, they may change others' posts, kick out (and keep away) people for some time, delete or move whole threads, split them in more parts to resolve off-topicism. They can also change side-bars and edit locked threads, and inspect classified informations, none of which really spoiling your privacy, in an attempt to track multiple accounts ('clones').

Mods list last updated October 02, 2022 12:53

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