January 04, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
01:58, Malkom> Mary Lou, what is Hot Soup Processing?
01:58, Mary Lou> Who knows?
01:58, Mary Lou> Not that I need you to agree anyway... I admittedly didn't find that.
01:58, Malkom whispers: >_>
02:00, Malkom whispers: You should know that it's an obscure Japanese, BASIC-like programming language that someone wrote some roguelike in. It IS on Wikipedia...
02:02, Raptorjedi> Maybe it finally gotten sick and tired of people asking "WHAT IS THIS??" all the time when they know full well they're asking it actually is.
02:04, Malkom> Weird, I didn't know that repeated-request anticooperation conditioning had been coded into Mary Lou.
02:04, Mary Lou> I admittedly didn't find that... Our servers are run by hamsters on caffeine, so some database delay is to be expected.
02:49, Cryoburner> Mary, what is a RAPTORJEDI?
02:49, Mary Lou> Raptorjedi, member #2.
03:36, Malkom> Mary, what in the multiverse is that thing over there that calls itself "Cryoburner"?!
03:36, Mary Lou> I don't know EXACTLY and I don't even care.
03:37, Malkom> Oh gosh... now I'm disturbed.
03:38, Malkom> I think Cryoburner must have used mind control on you, since you're normally so inquisitive. Isn't that right?
03:51, Granpire viking man> That was rather rude, Mary...
03:51, Mary Lou> I'm right? strange but true!
07:35, Starchaser whispers: finally an AI standing up for itself.
09:25, Mingamango181 whispers: Better than everyone else ever! Even GLaDOS :3
10:53, E_net4> May Lou, what will be your master?
10:53, E_net4> Sure, go ahead. I don't care.
15:23, Speeder> Mary Lou how are you?
15:33, E_net4> ML! ML! ML!
15:39, Valorin> Rogue antivirus ER'RYWHERE
16:33, Granpire viking man> Mary Lou doesn't seem to be in the mood to talk.
21:00, Malkom> Mary Lou, do you like... cake?
21:53, Neuzd whispers: I know for a fatc that she loves the larynx variant.
21:53, Neuzd meant: fact