January 10, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
03:38, Malkom whispers: The Technic Pack's awesome.
05:56, Albeyamakiir whispers: Lego?
12:58, Granpire viking man> My brother just recently got a Technic Cherrypicker. We built it for 3 hours. It was highly impressive. :D http://www.productwiki.com/upload/images/lego_technic_cherry_picker.jpg
15:37, Kynreeve whispers: Now it's just me and the bunnies.
15:57, Valorin> Hmm. I wanna learn Italic handwriting. Not being able to write well enough or fast enough for myself to read it...Quite a hurdle.
16:09, Kynreeve> I like italic, but ligatures slow down my writing dramatically :( So I just write "like a chicken" (local saying). It's a good quality for a pesron though, may even be helpful at times.
17:46, Malkom whispers: Not Lego. >_>
19:29, Kristos> I'm really slow at any handwriting. I usually just draw simple characters though I am faster (and sloppier) with "cursive" writing.
19:36, Malkom> I need to improve my handwriting, esp. cursive... I guess it comes gradually. :>
19:44, Kristos> I've practiced a lot, but it seems I've come to the point where my fast writing doesn't improve any.
19:44, Kristos> Though my slow writing does improve.
19:51, Malkom> Maybe I should learn shorthand...
20:11, Kristos> In Ubuntu: I gave Unity a good long chance. Now I'm trying LXDE. If it fails, I'll go back to XFCE.
22:21, Logicalerror whispers: HSSSSSSSSSSSSS
22:21, Logicalerror> Unity Burns us my precious!