January 13, 2012
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00:12, E_net4> Geekgasm alert: http://www.modrobotics.com/
00:13, Starchaser whispers: E_net4 orgasms at children playing with blocks? D:
00:20, Kristos> If that is as cool as it could be, it is awesome!
00:31, E_net4> I've seen a video of it in action as well.
00:31, E_net4 whispers: And Starchaser, what do you call a geekgasm, huh?
01:05, Explorer> no way to see actual fps currently. I'll add it to my todo
01:19, Logicalerror> You would not believe the hastle it is to format a usb dos disk in windows 7
01:27, Selbio> The utility included in my Noctis USB boot disk solution should do the trick
01:28, Selbio> (which is why I included that one, since the stuff that comes with Windows is... inadequate)
01:41, Logicalerror> Plus my Usb is too big
01:42, Logicalerror> How small a USB do I need?
01:43, Selbio> If you're doing FreeDOS, I believe you can actually use FAT32 and get pretty big
01:43, Logicalerror> I'm using the dos supplied with your Noctdisk
01:43, Logicalerror> I guess I have to switch
01:44, Selbio> It comes with FreeDOS :p
01:44, Selbio meant: :P
01:44, Logicalerror> Mah:(
01:45, Logicalerror> Wait, I didnt type that!
01:46, Logicalerror> It tells me that the FDOS is incompatible with FAT32
01:46, Selbio> :(
01:47, Logicalerror> I don't know why
01:47, Selbio> The right option, of course, would be to just format a portion of the drive with a partition
01:47, Selbio> But I couldn't find any tool to do that
01:47, Selbio> For Windows, I mean
01:47, Logicalerror> :( you lost me at the word right
01:47, Selbio> On Linux, I just dd a disk image onto the USB drive
01:48, Logicalerror> SWEET I got linux upstairs
01:48, Logicalerror> What do i need?
01:49, Logicalerror> Maybe I should just find another dos like the win 98
01:50, Logicalerror> That was a download right next to the exact same formater you supplied
01:51, Logicalerror> Im trying with a different dos, Ill get back to you on it
01:51, Selbio> Another DOS would probably work, but I'd think FreeDOS would be more ahead of the curve on large filesystems, sadly
01:52, Logicalerror> But it wont work for me so... Maybe it isnt
01:52, Logicalerror whispers: Or maybe im technically improficient, you never know...
01:52, Logicalerror> Its formated
01:53, Logicalerror> Im going to reboot and see if it works
01:54, Logicalerror> Wish me luck.
01:54, Logicalerror> My computer may explode out of awesomeness if noctis works!
02:34, Kristos> Oh no! Logicalerror is either trapped in Noctis or his computer exploded. Either way, we may never hear from him again!
11:05, Neuzd> The VNoctis package is another way of playin Noctis on various systems that has a high chance of working. VirtualBox is needed for that.
11:55, Logicalerror> Thanks Neuzd where can i find that?
12:01, Logicalerror> Or I could use DOSbox...
12:01, E_net4> That eez slow.
12:02, E_net4> You may not achieve a satisfying performance.
12:02, Logicalerror> Maybe not with a Quad Core and 8 GB RAM
12:02, Logicalerror> I can run Carmageddon fine with it
12:03, Logicalerror whispers: Though I can't get 3dfx.
12:04, E_net4> Dude.
12:04, Logicalerror> What?
12:05, E_net4> I don't think DOSBox supports multithreading. It hardly makes any sense if it did.
12:05, E_net4> Therefore, a Quad Core means nothing. :>
12:05, Logicalerror> I think it does
12:05, E_net4> Oh, really?
12:06, Logicalerror> because it doesnt do crap on my older machine that has a higher output on its pentium3
12:06, E_net4> That's obviously because of the speed of the core in general. :|
12:06, Logicalerror> My pentium is faster.
12:06, E_net4> A Pentium3 is rather slow, not only in frequency, when compared to processors these days.
12:06, Logicalerror> Than one core
12:07, E_net4> Yes, I told you that makes sense.
12:07, E_net4> But not simply because it has more CPUs.
12:07, Logicalerror> I have a half broken laptop that only works when it is on its side
12:07, Logicalerror> Maybe I could play noctis natively on that
12:07, E_net4> Yes, a wonderful addition to our conversation.
12:08, Logicalerror> It still runs 98
12:08, E_net4> Yeah, that would work if the computer's still functional.
12:08, Logicalerror> Its battery is dead and the power cord only connects when there is constant pressure.
12:09, Logicalerror> like this
12:09, Logicalerror> \__
12:09, Logicalerror> the backslash being my computer
12:11, Logicalerror> Though I have to go to school soon.
12:12, E_net4> You ought to go to school indeed.
12:13, Logicalerror> I think Ill make some modifications to selbio's noctdisk and see how that works
12:14, Logicalerror> The Free DOS he put with it isnt FAT32 compatible, I'll have to find something that works with my newer USB
12:17, Logicalerror> School in T-14 Minutes
12:18, Logicalerror> I'm going to see if I can play noctis on a school computer with my slightly cobbled together Boot USB
12:20, Logicalerror> It halfway works :P
14:32, Kristos> E+net4, a quad core doesn't mean nothing because it can run the single thread application on one core while running the OS and junk on the other cores.
14:37, E_net4> I know, but we assume no demanding applications are running while playing games.
14:37, E_net4> Besides, the important aspect here is the overall speed of each core, isn't it?
15:18, Valorin> Where did the quad-core discussion come from?
15:18, Valorin> I realize, now, that I have not been here actively in days.
15:21, Granpire viking man> I read the logs, and all I got was that there was some argument over whether or not a Quad-Core would actually help run Dosbox vs. a higher-clock-speed Pentium 3
16:09, Logicalerror> I'm telling you stuff runs faster on my quad core when using dosbox than my Pentium!
17:49, Cryoburner whispers: Of course, if your Pentium has XP or older installed, you could probably just run Noctis natively. :P
18:15, E_net4> Watch out, the frequency isn't all that matters in a CPU.
18:24, E_net4> And I did not oppose that, Logicalerror. But saying DOSBox makes use of multithreading just because a quad core processor runs it faster than an old Pentium is a falacy.
19:16, Lightning4> Well yeah, a multicore processor is going to run any single-thread process faster, by virtue of the fact your applications can spread between the cores. Dedicating an entire core to DOSBox, or say, Dwarf Fortress will let you squeeze pretty much every ounce of power out of that core for that process alone.
19:17, Lightning4> At least, compared to any singlecore processor.
19:44, Logicalerror> my pentium has linux :p
19:45, Logicalerror> Though youre right it doesnt support threading
19:49, Logicalerror> selbio? are you reading the chat?
19:49, Selbio> Eeyup
19:50, Logicalerror> Isnt it strang that it tells me fat32 isnt supported by FDOS even though I checked their site and it is?
19:51, Selbio> Depends! Which version of FreeDOS did I put on there? :P
19:51, Logicalerror> I guess id better try with a newer one.
19:51, Selbio> Also, a single core of a modern processor is going to run far faster than a PIII or P4 of even significantly greater clock speed
19:51, Selbio> Clock speed hasn't been indicative of performance in a very long time
19:52, Logicalerror> Yeah, I give in. I still wish computers were text only so you can't listen to anything technical I say.
19:52, Selbio> Huh? I was agreeing with you :P
19:53, Selbio> I'm saying that you're right that things run faster on your quad-core than on your Pentium, even single-threaded things
19:53, Logicalerror> Im saying I still think in ye olden days of computing.
19:54, Selbio> Anyway, your initial problem is that your disk is too big, no?
19:54, Logicalerror> When there was a line between compiled and interprated, you know... The likes of that
19:55, Logicalerror> I think that would be why It only does FAT32 right?
19:55, Selbio> Let me just make a disk image, and I'll be right back
19:55, Logicalerror> I can do something myself, like find a more suibtable FDOS
19:58, Logicalerror whispers: I just pretend I'm smart and that makes me feel that im accomplishing.
20:12, Selbio whispers: I am working, btw, just waiting on bits to move back and forth :P
20:14, Logicalerror> Tssssssk work comes before play.
20:14, Logicalerror whispers: But not according to Webster.
20:28, Selbio> While you wait, you may wish to download this: http://launchpad.net/win32-image-writer/0.4/0.4/+download/win32diskimager- binary.zip
20:29, Selbio whispers: I did test and ensure that it works on a larger flash drive than HPUSBFW can handle with FAT, I'm just making a new image that will compress more readily
20:40, Selbio> Okay, so you're gone :(
21:21, Logicalerror> Dang! Selbios gone now so I must wait to get the disk image he made
21:32, Selbio> No you don't, I made a post
21:32, Selbio> :D
21:33, Logicalerror> Selbio is now my idol!
21:34, Selbio> You should probably test it before saying such things :P
21:35, Logicalerror> No, you see, my logic is in error so why would I?
21:35, Selbio> That's not a very logical error to make... :P
21:37, Logicalerror> Oh noes C:\ isnt my flash drive!!!
21:38, Logicalerror> Guess I'll have a noctis bootable computer.
21:38, Selbio> Well, at least it's not Vista
21:38, Logicalerror> xD
21:38, Logicalerror whispers: Or do i mean XP?
21:39, Logicalerror> Im testing it now.
21:46, Logicalerror> IT WORKS!!!
21:46, Logicalerror> better than what i had cobbled together at least
21:47, Logicalerror> No errors, but NICE wines about memory issues still.
21:53, Selbio> Does it whine then run, or just whine and fail?
22:00, Logicalerror> Whine not run
22:00, Logicalerror> Did the same on my earlier setup, so it must be my computer.
23:26, Cryoburner whispers: If you use NICE, just use the Windows port (WNoctis/DWNoctis). There's no need to mess with DOS at all. :P