January 14, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
00:27, Logicalerror> But DOS is epic :)
00:28, Explorer> :(
00:29, Logicalerror> Why is DOS epic Mary Lou?
00:29, Mary Lou> That's all you might know.
00:29, Logicalerror whispers: D:
12:57, E_net4> Kids these days will never know what DOS was.
13:47, Logicalerror whispers: Im probably the youngest here and I know what DOS is...
17:45, Neuzd whispers: You're mixing things up, that is MS DOS, not GLaDOS.
17:46, Neuzd thinks how many people thought the same and then went "Naah, I'm not gonna say such a bad joke" :P
18:09, Logicalerror> Well I guess they won't keep crying over every mistake, should they have thought that!
18:34, Logicalerror> I wish Code Blocks wasn't so incoherent.
20:49, Kristos> Argh. Now I want cake.
20:57, Logicalerror> Too bad...
20:57, Logicalerror whispers: Because you know It's a lie
20:58, Kristos> I never really cared that much for cake in general anyway. :P (I have a friend who hates cake.)
20:59, Logicalerror> Then more cake for you if they don't want any! (or maybe you could give me their slice?)
21:06, Logicalerror whispers: It's so lonely being the only regular not classified as Major Member (Maybe I shouldn't have lurked for so long, and gotten active when I first stumbled upon Noctis...)
21:41, Explorer> I was never exactly sure how that title got granted. Was it something Alex manually handed down?
21:42, Kristos> You have to have authored a certain amount of posts, I think. It's automatic. People who post in the "Paranoia" game a lot get that status quickly. :P
21:43, Kristos whispers: It's part of the Spam Encouragement System.
22:21, Logicalerror> XD
22:25, Mingamango181> It's actually a manual process.
22:25, Logicalerror> Really?
22:26, Mingamango181 whispers: There is a one time flag that can be set (by obviously someone higher ranked) on your profile which allows you to set your title.
22:26, Mingamango181 whispers: I saw that when I once ran my own installation of Postline...
22:26, Raptorjedi> It's still automatic. I can manually set it, but that doesn't mean it isn't automated.
22:27, Logicalerror whispers: Why such secretive whisperings?
22:27, Mingamango181 whispers: Whispers :P. But that's the first I've heard of automation in this process...
22:29, Logicalerror> I got a noctis USB working finally, Now I remember that alex was into antialiasing before it was cool.
22:29, Raptorjedi> 100 posts and 100 (or more) days registered. It's ALWAYS been that way. There used to be a page explaining it, but it doesn't seem to exist anymore.
22:29, Mingamango181> ...That's major status.
22:30, Raptorjedi> Which is what he's asking about.
22:30, Logicalerror> I thought I saw that somewhere... It must have been taken down.
22:30, Mingamango181 whispers: whoop.
22:30, Raptorjedi> Unless Alex changed something, once you become a major member, you can set your own title. They're tied together.
22:31, Logicalerror> So thats why I can't add a title aha!
22:34, Logicalerror> I hope Malkom comes on so I can ask about joining his Risus game.