January 15, 2012
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00:31, Kynreeve> Space
00:31, Kynreeve meant: SpaceStation13 remake! -- http://spacestation13.com
00:46, Logicalerror> Looks kewl
01:35, Explorer> OH GOD YES.
01:35, Explorer> BYOND. That's a blast from the past!
05:03, Logicalerror> SHIT! I hope thats not someone shooting in the background!
05:04, Logicalerror whispers: I hate living in the Ghetto...
05:22, Logicalerror> Hopefully My phone can run sandroid...
05:23, Granpire viking man> My low-end Galaxy Q runs it, so you should be fine.
05:23, Logicalerror> I'm more worried about screen space and usability
05:24, Logicalerror> But it's the morning so I should leave soon.
05:24, Explorer> It's pretty optimized, you'll probably be fine. usability is another issue
05:24, Explorer> I need to work on the interface a little
05:25, Logicalerror> Well... technically the morning :P 12:24 am is the morning.
05:25, Logicalerror> Ohhh, thanks for the plant!
05:25, Granpire viking man> It seemed fine for me, but I just dabbled with it shortly. These kinds of falling sand games don't usually hold my interest for long.
05:26, Explorer> The plant has actually been in there since the beginning, I think
05:26, Logicalerror> Im just sleepy and didnt notice :D
05:27, Explorer> heh
05:27, Logicalerror> Playing with the gravity is fun
05:27, Logicalerror> How long did this take to make?
05:28, Explorer> heh, well the core engine probably took about a week of straight work
05:28, Explorer> then I refined it little by little
05:28, Explorer> Most of the week was spent trying to get the thing running at a decent speed
05:29, Logicalerror> You should accomodate for inertia, i notice that when all gravity is 0 everything stops.
05:29, Explorer> I'd have to track velocity if I did that. Actually, I have a physics program I posted on here a long time ago
05:30, Explorer> And I am thinking of making a falling sand game using that engine
05:30, Explorer> with real physics. The liquids would look awesome, and there could actually be rigid objects that move and rotate
05:30, Logicalerror> And why does the flame just go opposite of gravity? Infrared is a wave not strange particle is it not?
05:31, Explorer> heat rises, so it goes up
05:32, Explorer> up being opposite of whatever gravity is set to. Actually when I add pressure it'll act a little more reasonably
05:32, Logicalerror> Sorry I just cant brain now It is 12:30 am
05:32, Explorer> haha okay
05:33, Logicalerror> The burner looks really cool.
05:33, Explorer> I plan on adding per space pressure tracking, which will allow cool things like sucking the air out of an area to make a vacuum
05:34, Explorer> And explosion shockwaves
05:34, Explorer> heh thanks
05:34, Logicalerror> Youve been playing with powder toy havent you?
05:35, Logicalerror> Next youll tell me it will have nuclear reactions!
05:35, Explorer> yup. Haha. I hope I can do that!
05:35, Explorer> Powder toy is a bizarre combination between particle/mass physics and finite automata
05:36, Explorer> I'm trying to keep this one strictly automata, but with the same features
05:36, Logicalerror> This has really cool particle and rigid body physics
05:36, Logicalerror> http://www.datarealms.com/
05:37, Explorer> Oh yeah, I bought a license for that a long time ago :)
05:37, Explorer> I am impressed by the physics
05:37, Logicalerror> Have you seen the cave engine, which im guessing is their next project?
05:38, Explorer> no, don't think I've seen that one
05:38, Logicalerror> You can have actors on top of eachother without failing!
05:38, Logicalerror> And realistic fracturing!
05:39, Explorer> Oh nice. Fracturing is always fun! Not enough games have that
05:40, Logicalerror> If I were any good at programming (I just cant seem to get anything that works in realtime) I would make a game where you had a character that was squishy flesh particle on top of rigid bone, and have cool fracturing stuff!
05:41, Explorer> That would be cool!
05:42, Explorer> I'm going to open source this engine later
05:42, Explorer> but I did open source a real time java particle-mass physics engine
05:42, Explorer> https://github.com/nbcwell/BlackKittenPhysics
05:42, Logicalerror> But I can't program anything graphical or reactive worth a damn.
05:43, Explorer> Java is tough, I would recommend python and pygame
05:44, Explorer> java is really frustrating, tit makes even the simplest things complex sometimes
05:44, Explorer> it* haha
05:44, Logicalerror> I know python standard library (except for advanced OOP) so pygame isnt that big a stretch.
05:45, Logicalerror> Though I want to learn C++
05:45, Explorer> cool, I have a python library that has neat things like a Graph/Pathfinding library, neural network, genetic algorithm, image processing, game tools, and other stuff:
05:45, Explorer> https://github.com/nbcwell/YoukaiTools
05:46, Explorer> C++ is cool, besides memory management, I think it's a bit simpler than java to program in
05:46, Logicalerror> Did you make this?
05:46, Explorer> yeah
05:46, Explorer> It's basically a collection of little tools I wrote in python in my spare time all put together in one library
05:47, Explorer> The only thing I didn't write in there is the png loader
05:47, Logicalerror> Libraries confuse me... Because I wonder where they come from.
05:47, Explorer> heh, makes sense. Working with other's code can be frustrating and confusing
05:48, Logicalerror> It is late, so I may go soon, or I may stay, who knows, Not I for sure?
05:49, Logicalerror meant: It is early
05:49, Logicalerror> Time is as confusing as libraries...
05:50, Explorer> Yeah, it's 12:50 here too
05:50, Logicalerror> East Coast?
05:50, Explorer> haha. Sadly my library doesn't have a ton of documentation, but if you use it and have questions, you know where to find me :)
05:50, Explorer> yeah
05:50, Logicalerror> Cool
05:51, Explorer> My github also has a couple of C++ programs
05:52, Explorer> but they were written a while ago
05:52, Logicalerror> I doubt I'll use the library, I prefer to research something and replicate it myself.
05:52, Logicalerror> Like fractals, I found this neat book on them
05:52, Explorer> yeah, me too
05:53, Logicalerror> time for SPAM!
05:53, Explorer> you can look at the stuff if you wanna see code examples though, which is always nice
05:53, Logicalerror meant: python
05:54, Explorer> haha
05:54, Explorer> It actually is named after monty python
05:54, Logicalerror> I dont have any graphic libraries for now so I mostly make text programs
05:55, Explorer> well, pygame if you are using python is great
05:55, Logicalerror> I know... Especially after all the jokes in the documentation!
05:55, Explorer> yeah XD
05:55, Explorer> and awt/swing which come standard in the java library for java
05:56, Explorer> and probably Ogre in c++ for 3d or sdl for 2d
05:56, Explorer> jmonkeyengine is good for java 3d
05:56, Logicalerror> what about OpenGL
05:56, Explorer> Programming is my main hobby XD
05:56, Explorer> OpenGL is good if you wanna roll your own engine, but I think it's not worth it at this point
05:57, Logicalerror> Gamin' Blunts?
05:57, Explorer> So much work has been done on Ogre it'd be nearly impossible to come close on your own
05:57, Explorer> lol yeah, smoke those game blunts
05:58, Logicalerror> Im making a text program about guiding a robot to a cat.
05:58, Explorer> cool, what language? I'd use Inform to make a text game XD I'm a polyglot though
05:59, Logicalerror> Python
05:59, Logicalerror> Cuz thats what I know how to use
05:59, Explorer> Good choice, Python is cool
06:00, Explorer> It's my favorite language
06:00, Explorer> You gonna post your game here?
06:01, Logicalerror> I will when it is finished, but I have a school project on high priority next 2 days, so it may be a while.
06:02, Explorer> College?
06:02, Logicalerror> Elementary
06:02, Logicalerror meant: Kindergarden
06:02, Explorer> lol
06:03, Explorer> quite an overachieving kindergartener then
06:03, Logicalerror> Yeah my project is on digital logic circuits.
06:04, Logicalerror> Though I think my experiments were in error
06:04, Explorer> sounds fun XD
06:05, Explorer> Ah who cares about a little error
06:05, Logicalerror> I love vague variable typing!
06:06, Explorer> lol
06:06, Logicalerror> I almost have the core of my project
06:08, Logicalerror> It will have a matrix of # and spaces to represent the level, this is important for the robots scanning, and a k for kitten!
06:09, Explorer> haha cool. Like a roguelike
06:09, Explorer> Well, if you need pathfinding, you can look at how my library does it. I have code examples in the exampels directory of pathfinding
06:09, Logicalerror> but you wont see them because you scan how many spaces away something is
06:10, Logicalerror> being a robot and all
06:10, Explorer> lol cool
06:10, Explorer> sounds unique, which is always good
06:15, Explorer> When you finish, if you post it on here, I'll try definitely try it
06:15, Logicalerror> how do I call variables from other classes in python
06:16, Logicalerror> Do i need an instance of that class to use its variable in something else?
06:16, Explorer> yeah, you'll need to make an instance of it
06:17, Logicalerror> Thats what I thought.
06:17, Explorer> Unless the variable isn't made in a member function, but that's unusual
06:21, Logicalerror> this is what I learned python with, ahhh the memories it brings
06:21, Logicalerror> http://inventwithpython.com/
06:23, Explorer> looks like a good start for learning real time programming
06:24, Explorer> hehe, too bad it doesn't cover classes
06:24, Logicalerror> I know, but python makes classes easy anyway.
06:25, Explorer> it does. Python makes almost everything easy. It's awesome
06:26, Logicalerror> Thats why I managed to learn in 6th grade
06:28, Explorer> hehe. For me it was QBASIC I was learning when I was little.
06:30, Logicalerror> Python is pretty much the modern BASIC
06:30, Logicalerror> except it wont work with a Commodore 64
06:31, Explorer> heh yeah, I was learning in the early 90's, no python for me
06:34, Logicalerror> I like lists of lists
06:35, Logicalerror> maybe i should make it so if you hit something you start over
06:36, Explorer> how about lists of lists of lists?
06:36, Logicalerror> Im fairly certain once youre in 3d you wont use a matrix.
06:36, Logicalerror> at least a crude one like that
06:39, Selbio whispers: Python is a pedestrian gateway language for those who have not yet discovered the glory of Perl
06:40, Logicalerror> Next a Ruby programmer is going to whine at me about python not being object oriented enough.
06:40, Explorer> whine back to him that ruby sucks lol
06:41, Selbio> I actually like Ruby
06:41, Logicalerror> I know a proffesional video game programmer
06:41, Explorer> haha
06:41, Selbio> I think Ruby is better than Perl, but I have a nasty addiction
06:42, Explorer> I just don't like the grammar in ruby. I think it's confusing
06:42, Logicalerror> Addiction to anything not pertaing to Monty Python
06:42, Explorer> But ruby IS better than perl
06:42, Selbio> Python drives me mad, they put simple, regular syntax above all else
06:43, Selbio> By which I mean they have no built-in regular expression syntax :P
06:43, Logicalerror whispers: Selbio wishes everything was assembler.
06:44, Explorer> ?? there is a regular expression library in the standard library
06:44, Explorer> nothing built into the grammar, but it is nice
06:44, Selbio> Yeah, but regular expressions are painful with an extra level of escaping
06:44, Logicalerror> regular expressions?
06:45, Explorer> also, grammar is the most important thing in a language. The rest is just figuring out how to implement it XD
06:46, Explorer> So I agree with their philosophy :)
06:46, Selbio> I agree, which is why I think languages should have larger grammars :P
06:47, Explorer> I think they should have simple powerful grammars
06:47, Selbio> There's something to be said about the beautiful simplicity of Lisp and Python's grammars, but I think that just pushes a lack of simplicity into actual programs
06:47, Selbio> That's not to say Perl has a tolerable grammar, since it's actually non-parsable
06:48, Selbio> (literally; no, I don't mean figuratively, I mean literally)
06:48, Explorer> I think we can all agree perl has anightmare situation goin gon with its grammar
06:49, Explorer> logical: wikipedia puts it better than I could http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regular_expression
06:49, Logicalerror> I see
06:50, Explorer> but python vs. ruby is a common argument XD
06:50, Selbio> Ruby also has the problem of being painfully slow
06:50, Explorer> so does python lol
06:50, Explorer> but pypy is helping a lot
06:50, Selbio> Ruby 1.8 was hilariously slow, though
06:50, Selbio> Orders of magnitude behind Python/Perl
06:51, Logicalerror> You dont program in either for speed, but because you want too!
06:51, Explorer> heh, never knew that. I really haven
06:51, Explorer> haven't touch ruby in a while
06:52, Selbio> Perl also has Inline::C, which is fantastic for writing a single function in C to violently murder a bottleneck
06:52, Selbio> Though apparently Python does too now
06:53, Selbio> I really do need to try to get off of Perl, it's kind of a gross language and its OOP support is laughable
06:53, Logicalerror> I dont like pythons strict indentation, but ill live with it if i have too
06:53, Explorer> Yeah, it's a little more involved, but worth the effort.
06:53, Explorer> I didn't like the indentation at first, but once I got used to it I really liked it.
06:54, Explorer> Made my code in other languages look nicer too, by habit
06:55, Logicalerror> It allows you to lose some cumbersome aspects of code in other language, the indentation does.
06:55, Logicalerror> The parser will take longer than the robot to make in my program
06:55, Explorer> brackets suck
06:56, Logicalerror> Not sure what ill do to make it
06:56, Explorer> But I see the merit in ruby, I just like making fun of it in jest XD
06:57, Explorer> parser? What are you parsing?
06:58, Logicalerror> instructions to the robot, you know... Go UP, scan left, go down, the likes
06:59, Explorer> oh, gotcha. Parsers aren't bad in python because the string processing functions are NICE.
06:59, Explorer> And look at lineLoader in my library if you're loading text files. I use it all the time. Simple but handy text file loader
07:01, Logicalerror> how does the notation for calling points in a list of lists look
07:01, Explorer> calling points?
07:01, Logicalerror> is it this LoL [1] [2]
07:02, Explorer> oh, yeah
07:02, Logicalerror> do I have it right
07:02, Explorer> so list[1][2]
07:03, Explorer> of course you have to make sure you instantiate all of the lists :)
07:03, Logicalerror> Big words not good for 2 am
07:04, Explorer> haha make sure you initialize them all
07:04, Logicalerror> I did
07:05, Logicalerror> I dont make mistake like that, I miss parenthesis
07:05, Explorer> hehe, just making sure. I don't miss parenthesis often, but I do forget to initialize stuff a lot
07:06, Explorer> Always in such a hurry to rite the algorithms I forget important stuff like making sure I actually have something to work with XD
07:06, Explorer> write*
07:07, Logicalerror> shit accidentally assigned variable when trying to check value
07:09, Logicalerror> I have to go now
07:09, Logicalerror> good morning or night depending on your opinions on time
07:10, Explorer> cya
20:11, Malkom whispers: Star Control 2. They just don't make games the same anymore.
20:16, Malkom> To contribute some small thing to the programming discussion, I think I finally figured out how a cosine interpolation function works. It took me, what... three days? :P
20:30, Logicalerror> Malkom, what is you're favorite programming language?
20:34, Logicalerror> Did you hear about the new X-COM that is coming out! They scrapped the lame shooter, and Firaxis is making one in similar style to the old ones.
21:00, Malkom> Favorite? Hmm... I'd say that Linoleum, Processing, C, and Python could all be contenders on the list, though if I had to choose I might say Lino 2.
21:13, Malkom> And I guess I'm starting the Risus catastrophe again. Yay!
21:20, Logicalerror> You don't program in "Darke Magick"? What are you saying, snap out of it!
21:21, Logicalerror whispers: Risus isnt a catastrophe :P
23:09, Cryoburner whispers: I'm pretty sure they didn't scrap the shooter. They're just completely different games.
23:24, E_net4> It's a shame you call Linoleum 2 a different language. :|