January 17, 2012
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00:22, Cryoburner whispers: By "slightly different" you mean "completely changed" and by "revamped" you mean "incomplete". :3
00:29, E_net4> Nay!
01:34, Cryoburner> Yay!
01:59, Starchaser whispers: The difference between Lino and Lino 2 is just like KDE and Gnome 3. Both are a shit stain but one is slightly fresher. >_>
02:01, Selbio> You forgot to mention Unity. B-
02:24, Kristos> I rather like Lino2 as a programming language as well.
02:25, Kristos whispers: And please nobody complain about me calling it Lino 2. So particular...
04:18, Albeyamakiir whispers: But you didn't call it Lino 2. You called it Lino2. :P
10:03, Kristos> L.I.N.O. II! :D
10:05, Mingamango181> o.o
10:35, E_net4> GAH
11:35, E_net4 whispers: Literal Interpreting Novelty Orb - Second edition.
11:35, E_net4> I WANT ONE :D
14:12, Valorin> Got some sort of insect bite--feels warm & like there's some sort of hard disk underneath it.
14:14, Raptorjedi> Aliens. That's the chip they're tracking you with. You know about it now, and they know you know.
14:15, Valorin> Does that mean I get a paid spot on the History channel?
14:15, Valorin> I got the hair for it.
14:16, Raptorjedi> No, it means no one will ever see you again. They terminate subjects who know.
14:21, Valorin> Man, I can't tell if this fever is from whatever cold I caught or from the bite.
15:31, Granpire viking man is in the middle of a school lockdown.
15:34, Valorin> Smartphone?
15:34, Valorin> Training lockdown, or "madman in the building" lockdown?
15:35, Granpire viking man> Nope, laptop. I do wish my smartphone could access Anynowhere, though. :/
15:35, Granpire viking man> An "Eight-year-old saw a student with a gun walking to our school" lockdown
15:36, Granpire viking man> :P
15:36, Valorin> Someone should setup a mobile version of Anynowhere with a chat frame that would instead reload on command and a configurable sidebar so that it could be a sidebar or a bottombar
15:36, Valorin> Since some smartphones work better in 'widescreen' mode
15:36, Granpire viking man> Cyro did this, but he took it down :(
15:37, Valorin> Aw, why? :(
15:37, Valorin> So...no confirmation of the gun on the school grounds?
15:37, Granpire viking man> I was the only person who replied to his thread though, so maybe he thought no one used it.
15:37, Valorin> I guess it's better than being in the news for not being in a lockdown situation when there's a gunman in the school.
15:37, Granpire viking man> No, they came in and used a wand on all the males in my classroom
15:37, Valorin> I personally would make it my homepage on my PSP if it worked well enough on it
15:38, Valorin> Only the guys? And they don't think he could have offloaded it to a locker or a girl's purse before/during lockdown?
15:38, Valorin> This sounds fairly stupid.
15:38, Valorin> "Oh, it was an airsoft gun for the play!
15:39, Granpire viking man> I had it bookmarked on my PSP, and it worked flawlessly. And yes, he probably could have. :P It is fairly stupid.
15:39, Granpire viking man> They didn't even search very hard, somecould could have easily slipped it under their binder or something
15:44, Granpire viking man> And besides, there's a good chance that the eight-year-old in question was mistaken.
15:46, Granpire viking man> Anyway, I'm stuck in this same class for possibly the rest of the day... Depending on how long it takes for a few police officers to go through every classroom and probably miss this weapon.
15:47, Valorin> Don't you got games on your laptop?
15:48, Valorin> Well... http://www.investopedia.com/ <-Learn the stocks, play the simulator; see how much you can make in a day.
15:48, Valorin> If it's more than $500, you're better at it than me, gg
15:48, Valorin> My annual return on my 3-year old account is literally 3%
15:49, Granpire viking man> Interesting!
15:49, Valorin> Or, I have about $108,000
15:49, Valorin> This puts me in the top 10,000
15:51, Granpire viking man> Is that good? Or do most people lose money?
15:52, Granpire viking man> Are you playing a certain game?
15:54, Valorin> I made a 70% increase on 10 stocks of Apple; then lost some money and gained about ~$1500 on a 3-day trade...uhhh, I'm in the 2009 open game
15:54, Valorin whispers: 1 spot has twice the money of the #2 at 80 million.
15:54, Valorin> Err.
15:55, Valorin> Well, you get the picture. He somehow turned $100,000 into 80 million in 3 years. No idea how.
19:20, Kristos> E_net4 said: "Literal Interpreting Novelty Orb - Second edition". That's really funny, E_net4!
19:21, Kristos> Valorin - that's an odd insect bite. Does it itch?
21:17, E_net4> I really prefer the second edition. The first one isn't literal enough. :]
21:19, E_net4> Also, shamelessselfpromotion: http://enet4.wordpress.com/2012/01/17/inner-cosmos-final-sideways-step-v0- 15/
21:45, Kristos> Promoting the release before you abandon its chief feature? :P
21:51, E_net4> Although I have spent a significant portion of my time doing it, terrains won't be the chief feature of future builds.
21:52, E_net4> Remember: Explore, Travel and Build.
21:54, E_net4 whispers: Create, rather. Not just Build.
22:06, Malkom whispers: L.I.N.O. II, eh? I've always wanted a copy of the Literal Interpreter for Null-terminated Optics. :P
22:10, E_net4> DUDE! Null-terminated Optics! That must be so awesome!
22:10, Malkom> :|
22:11, E_net4> Yeah, you're right. It's stupid.
22:20, Malkom whispers: Hey! That was a passable joke I made there. At least, better than the others I've made here. >_>
22:44, Kristos whispers: I thought E_net4's replies were funny.
22:50, E_net4 whispers: I think hard to produce such fine results. :]
23:21, Cryoburner whispers: Everyone's afraid of turning into little black cubes...
23:29, E_net4> Black cubes?
23:37, Logicalerror whispers: Who knows what goes on in Cryo's head. I don
23:37, Logicalerror meant: I don't even want to!
23:39, Cryoburner whispers: They glisten with iridescence like the neverending night.
23:40, Selbio whispers: and now we know where Cryo lives: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traverse_City_State_Hospital
23:42, Logicalerror whispers: You can't program like that without being a little crazy anyways.