January 19, 2012
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00:03, Raptorjedi> WELL FINE, DON'T WORK HERE LINK. It's retweets of stupid people who don't get why Wikipedia is down, bitching about being unable to do their homework :3=
00:06, E_net4> Oh man. Well, it had to happen.
00:08, E_net4> But still, look at those reactions! They're being ridiculous just because of lack of information.
00:09, Logicalerror whispers: It's not funny to laugh at idiots like that.
00:10, Logicalerror meant: Unless they deserve it, which, is always!
00:11, Logicalerror> Mary Lou, why is wikipedia down?
00:11, Mary Lou> Sorry I don't know what you're asking about.
00:11, Mary Lou> It doesn't seem to me I should explain something.
00:13, Granpire viking man> I never had any problems, I just clicked on Google's cached page if there was something I wanted to read on Wikipedia.
00:14, Logicalerror whispers: I don't rely on Wikipedia so it is cool with me.
00:14, Raptorjedi> That's what I do too, but I still find myself forgetting and clicking the link :3=
00:14, Logicalerror whispers: My town has badass libraries!
00:15, Granpire viking man> Heheh, IamNotAdrian says: "Hey Zuckerberg Why you shut down wikipedia?"
00:15, Raptorjedi> Wikipedia is at your fingertips, which makes it better. Using Wikipedia exclusively is just silly though. It's a good place to start though.
00:29, E_net4> Soup!
00:35, E_net4> Oh man, now they think Zuckerberg holds Wikipedia?
00:35, E_net4> Well, there were people who thought the creator of Microsoft was Steve Jobs. :/
00:39, Logicalerror> I only use wikipedia to get references to more reputable sights (ones that I can reference for my essays and not get chewed out) :P
00:47, Logicalerror> The people who call it SOFA crack me up!
00:47, E_net4> XDDD
00:48, Speeder> SOPA is already hilarious. SOPA is Soup in latin languages.
00:49, Logicalerror> And No Va is doesnt go
00:49, Logicalerror whispers: I wonder what Alex is hinting at?
00:52, E_net4> He's just working on Linoleum 2.
00:52, E_net4> As in, fixing stuff and implementing the remaining extension modules.
00:53, Logicalerror> But noctis 5 No va!
00:53, E_net4> Oh. It won't happen so soon.
00:53, Logicalerror> It doesn
00:53, Logicalerror meant: doesnt go
00:53, E_net4> Right now he's more interested in his Keyway project. I'd also be if it were my project. :P
00:56, Logicalerror> Keyway, I dont remember what that is?
00:58, E_net4> A recently new project he is working on. No more details but the fact that you can build and chat in worlds associated to an internet host.
00:59, Logicalerror whispers: Avatar 2?
01:02, E_net4> It's got to be more than just a remake of Avatar.
01:02, Logicalerror whispers: Yes it will be AVATAR in 3DIMENSIONS!!!!!!!!!!
01:06, E_net4> Look who's nervous.
01:34, Logicalerror whispers: I'm not nervous, Ive had 10 cups of tea so far
01:36, Logicalerror> ML who is Kenn?
01:36, Logicalerror> Mary who is Kenn?
01:39, Logicalerror whispers: OHH NO WHAT IS HAPPENING
01:39, Logicalerror whispers: Mary refuses to respond!
02:01, Mingamango181> Mary, what is an engineer?
02:01, Mary Lou> An engineer is a professional practitioner of engineering, concerned with applying scientific knowledge, mathematics and ingenuity to develop solutions for technical problems.
03:37, Malkom> So many open world games I never heard of! :D
03:47, Albeyamakiir> I'm surprised other people have heard of Pathologic.
03:48, Albeyamakiir> It's very bleak. You don't really play it for "fun" in the usual sense.
03:55, Malkom thinks he'll stay away.
04:28, Granpire viking man> That cover art scares me away 0_o
04:49, Albeyamakiir> Also, the game is poorly translated from Russian, but that just adds to the creepiness.
04:53, Albeyamakiir> It's strange that a game where the streets are full of thugs can make you trade your only weapon for food.
05:52, Mary Lou> Welcoming a new member: "Speedshift".
11:20, Cryoburner didn't even notice Wikipedia went through with that blackout thing.
11:21, Cryoburner keeps javascript disabled on their site to counter all the "personal appeal" banners. :P
13:11, Granpire viking man> Cryo, what happened to your mobile Anynowhere site? I liked that old thing. :)
13:36, Cryoburner whispers: Oh, that's not up at the moment. :3
13:42, Granpire viking man> Just so you know, I wouldn't mind if it was. ;) Valorin expressed some interest in it on Monday as well.
13:44, Cryoburner> Bah! :P
13:45, Cryoburner whispers: Why not ask Alex to add a mobile-friendly postline interface? :P
13:45, Granpire viking man> From reading his blog, it sounds like he wants to ditch HTML and Javascript completely. :P
13:49, Granpire viking man whispers: Mobile-friendly postline? That's like an oxymoron, anyway. :P
14:06, Valorin> Holy hell, that was Monday?
14:18, Granpire viking man> Wait. No, that was Tuesday. :P
14:20, Granpire viking man> Or maybe not, depending on your time zone. My school's lockdown was on Tuesday morning. They never did catch anyone with a gun, but that doesn't surprise me.
14:26, Valorin> Yeah, that was Tuesday. I was about to say...I don't usually come to ABB on my free days.
14:34, Valorin> I don't know, I think you could make this website smartphone-friendly; at least if they can get better browsers.
14:59, Valorin> You said you're at school?
15:00, Valorin> Is there a massive outbreak of colds at yours, too?
15:19, Granpire viking man> No, not really :P
15:20, Valorin> Just mine, then. I feel freakin' miserable.
15:40, Cryoburner whispers: Massive zombie outbreak!
17:20, Cryoburner whispers: They're just telling you its a cold to keep everyone calm. Can't have anyone escaping before the kill-squads get there. :3
21:45, Kristos> I caught a cold yesterday.
22:09, Malkom> Pandora turned up "Follow The River" for me. What an excellent piano solo this is. <3
22:33, Kynreeve> You need some mountain honey and a warm bed to sweat it out :3