January 26, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
08:36, 4616599 whispers: thank you thank you thank you Chrome...a post somewhere got erased after some login issue. I just pressed the back button and got it back...
10:53, Albeyamakiir> Happy Australia Day! Because patriotism is great for some reason, I don't know!
10:54, Mingamango181> Bit late for that, eh? :P
10:56, Albeyamakiir> Late?
10:58, Albeyamakiir> It's still Australia Day. There's two hours till midnight...
14:19, Valorin> Yeah. Chromium is nice like that.
14:23, Valorin> I need to see if I can get my computer to remotely download .exe and .iso files, then package them in a compressed format that isn't blocked by this network.
14:32, Valorin> I wonder how old some of you guys are, sometimes.
14:36, E_net4> Same. I simply assume the 20's for the majority here.
14:37, Valorin> Naw, I'm 17; about to turn 18.
14:38, E_net4> I was 18. Two years ago. :P
15:43, Valorin> Rise of the Machines...
15:50, E_net4> We ain't letting that happen.
18:36, Neuzd whispers: I believe a lot of people are way past their 20s. I think this mostly about the majority of the historical members, at least.