January 28, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
00:00, Starchaser> Define dead. The archive for the game files is still around and neuzd still cranks out inbox.zip files every now and then
00:31, Raxar> Well, dead as in the game isn't being developed or improved any longer.
00:35, Starchaser> In that respect I think the game is "on hold until further notice" until Alex gets some other projects out of the way.
03:06, Logicalerror yells: WHO IS RAXAR MARY?!
03:06, Mary Lou> I am a simulation.
16:53, Raxar> :) I remember playing noctis ~6 years ago and it looked exactly the same... Maybe make the code open source?
17:02, Selbio> It is, actually. That's how NICE and NIV+ and such were made, after all
17:04, Raxar> Interesting, I didn't know. I'll go check those out..
17:13, Neuzd whispers: Wasn't Noctis source already available 6 years ago? The post date about it says 2003...
17:14, Raxar> Yeah I'm just guessing about the timeframe here, it was LONG agao
17:17, Neuzd> Still, even if there's few drifters nowadays roaming the galaxy, Noctis is quite beloved, so many people will be glad to give you the support you need.
17:18, Neuzd whispers: Unless it's something that can generate a RTFM answer... :P
17:29, Raxar> Ok just tried NICE and NIV+ neither works on 64bit systems .. I did however get the original to work on a WinXP Virtual box
17:38, Cryoburner> If you try NICE, try starting it via DWNoctis.exe. That's the Windows port and 'should' work on newer systems.
17:43, Raxar> aah yeah, i did try that and it comes up but the screen is tiny and it crashed when i r-click on the GOES console
17:52, Logicalerror> Where do i find this DWNoctis?
17:52, Raxar> http://anynowhere.com/bb/layout/html/doors/local/frameset_noctis.html
17:53, Raxar> hmmm, #@$@!%^@ frames ... http://mooses.nl/nice/releases/R11dot6a/
17:53, Cryoburner> It's in the Noctis IV CE package.
17:54, Logicalerror> Ive only played vanilla, that's why I dont have it then, okay
17:54, Raxar> Have any of you tried SpaceEgnine (http://en.spaceengine.org/) ?
17:54, Logicalerror> It is slow
17:54, Logicalerror> very slow
17:55, Logicalerror> 1 fps slow
17:55, Raxar> what is slow?
17:55, Logicalerror> Spaceengine
17:55, Cryoburner> One way to make DWNoctis fill the screen is set the 'run in 640x480' in the Windows compatibility settings.
17:55, Raxar> might be something wrong with your rig? I'm getting 60FPS 80% of the time
17:56, Cryoburner whispers: For some reason, you have to manually set your resolution back afterward though. :P
17:56, Raxar> Cryo, aah thanks, i'll try that
17:56, Logicalerror> My school has computers with XP so I can play noctis whenever
17:56, Logicalerror> I keep it on a boot disk thumbdrive so I can play at home too
17:56, Cryoburner> SpaceEngine is neat...
17:57, Logicalerror yells: SPACENGINE IS UNGODLY SLOW!
17:57, Cryoburner> Performance on my system is decent, except while it's generating certain things.
17:58, Logicalerror> What is your system may I ask?
17:59, Cryoburner> I noticed one of more recent releases improved performance to some extent.
17:59, Cryoburner whispers: At least, there aren't the very long freezes near gas giants anymore. :P
18:00, Logicalerror whispers: you have this, don't you?
18:00, Logicalerror> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaguar_%28computer%29
18:00, Raxar> I only found it the other day, been into it like crazy. The guy(s) did a sweet job of it. If they get their shit together and implement spacecraft/vehicles I'm willing to pay for it
18:01, Logicalerror whispers: If they could get their shit together and make it more than one frame per second...
18:02, Cryoburner whispers: No, actually this system isn't particularly fast by today's standards. I'll probably build a new system later this year though.
18:03, Logicalerror> Y it dun wurk on mine then?
18:03, Cryoburner> What kind of graphics card do you have?
18:03, Logicalerror whispers: It's the weakest link in my computer, so only moderate
18:03, Neuzd whispers: CGA. Magenta and Cyan are awesome colours.
18:04, Logicalerror whispers: My middle name is an awesome color. No lie.
18:04, Raxar> I've got a 4 year old PC, Intel Q9450, 4GB RAM, Radeon HD4850 512MB
18:05, Logicalerror> That would cost a shit tonne of moolah back thenj
18:05, Raxar> yeah, it was about 15K = roughtly $6K
18:05, Logicalerror whispers: Why don't you have a voodoo graphics card, thats what I have?
18:06, Raxar> haha wow
18:06, Logicalerror whispers: Glide 3D kicks ass.
18:06, Neuzd whispers: Because it would run spaceengine at 1 FPS? :P
18:06, Raxar> You can pickup a 100x better card for $5
18:07, Cryoburner whispers: Unless your system doesn't support PCI-e. :P
18:07, Logicalerror whispers: But that card you get wouldn't run carmageddon
18:07, Raxar> hehe
18:07, Logicalerror whispers: Or daggerfall, or Redguard
18:08, Logicalerror whispers: My entire game collection...
18:08, Raxar> I run all my old games in VirtualBox on XP or DosBox
18:08, Logicalerror> DOSbox doesn't have glide yet, so I would recommend just DOS
18:09, Raxar> Your recommendation is ignored :D
18:10, Logicalerror whispers: I love modern microcomputers don't you...
18:10, Logicalerror whispers: They don't fill up warehouses like real computers do.
18:11, Raxar> lol I've never actually worked on a punch-card PC, wait, C
18:11, Logicalerror whispers: Real programmers work in binary...
18:12, Logicalerror> http://secretgeek.net/zo_intro.asp
18:15, Raxar> haha, great stuff, it actually gives me new found respect for the scientists that built the first computer