February 14, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
03:45, Pomato> I just found a vitally important file that I haven't been able to locate in years on the c-disk here..
14:21, Valorin> Yeah, ABB's c-disk is the coolest thing ever.
14:37, Valorin> After finding a nice backdrop image I like using, I realize that ABB tiles it. :(
14:39, Valorin> "Van Gogh used a thick application of paint in swirled, choppy brushstrokes. His use of paint is a real texture that can be both seen and touched."
14:39, Valorin> This was from my computer lesson. I challenge anyone to go to a museum and touch one of his artworks.
17:27, Kynreeve whispers: New Dwarf Fortress release today. After 11 months.
20:14, Mingamango181> Valorin: You'll need to use a visual style (the settings) that use a wallpaper that doesn't tile. Like 'Anniversary' or something like that...
21:24, Albeyamakiir> New Dwarf Fortress!? I'm there!