February 23, 2012
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05:30, Kristos> Wikipedia: Some high-level assemblers are Borland's TASM, NASM, Microsoft's MASM, IBM's HLASM (for z/Architecture systems), Alessandro Ghignola's Linoleum, and Niklaus Wirth's PL/360.
06:21, Cryoburner whispers: Someone defaced Wikipedia!
15:31, Valorin> My point is that Vlad's Engine and Infinity's engine cross very much into the same territory.
15:33, Valorin> Meanwhile, I-Novae will offer commercial licenses, for some of the same features that Space Engine provides. It just seems to provide competition, is all, and that means conflict.
17:13, E_net4> Well... true, at some point.
17:14, E_net4> Linoleum is low-level, but its compilation process is more complex than in an ordinary assembler.
21:29, Kristos> I was looking up 'high-level assemblers' because I think they're awesome and I was pleased to find Lino a 'top contender', if you will.
23:08, Logicalerror> "High level assembler"?
23:55, Kynreeve> Valorin, I still don't quite get it. You mean there are commercial licenses for procedural space/planet generation methods, or there'll be, considering someone will move forward and patent it?
23:59, Kynreeve whispers: And if you mean features... well I fear to even imagine a world where people license game features.