March 01, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
03:07, Cryoburner whispers: Maybe he's a sock puppet. :3
11:17, Kynreeve whispers: Do you mean what I think you mean, i.e. who's the puppet master.
11:21, Kynreeve> ML, we need your deductive abilities here.
11:22, Mary Lou> "Puppeteer, a DC Comics villain formerly called Puppet Master".
11:25, Kynreeve whispers: Thanks Cpt. Mary
11:25, Mary Lou> You're welcome.
14:30, Valorin> I have like 4 rough drafts I need to consolidate into a single, final draft. What do I do?
15:14, Kristos> You could have your elephant sit on them overnight.
15:25, Valorin> They won't...hatch, will they?
16:00, Valorin> Downloading emacs: 5/39 mb; 50 minutes left :l
16:03, Speeder> how a stupid text editor that is insane to use can be so huge?
16:10, Valorin> I should have stuck with notepad, but I need the programmable aspect. Maybe I should have tried notepad++ instead.
16:11, Valorin> My messages are taking forever.
16:13, Valorin> I'm blaming both the download speed and the proxy I'm using to download it at school.
17:45, Speeder> notepad++ is awesome =D