March 13, 2012
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00:54, Kristos> GIFs are cursed. Use PNG. I actually used to have a free Microsoft program for making animated GIFs.
00:54, Kristos> It worked quite well. But due to something about GIFs and copyrights and stuff, it seems Microsoft revoked everything GIF.
00:55, Kristos> I was surprised to find a simple, effective, small, free program by Microsoft. That was years ago though. It'll never happen again. :P
18:14, E_net4> AFAIK, animated PNG isn't a widely embraced image standard.
18:14, E_net4> So our only alternative for animated pictures is GIF.
18:42, Cryoburner whispers: SWF!
18:43, Kynreeve whispers: SWFs are usually heavier than GIFS. :\
18:44, E_net4> Plus, they are not just animated pictures.
18:44, Kynreeve whispers: Unless it's entirely vector. But then it's just a flash movie.
18:44, E_net4> Clearly not the same, see.
18:53, Cryoburner> :D
18:55, Cryoburner> I know MNG never received much support, but it seems APNG is supported by a number of browsers.
18:56, Cryoburner> Unlike MNG, APNG is also backward compatible with PNG, so browsers lacking support should still display a static version of the image.
18:59, Cryoburner> Both Opera and Firefox have natively supported APNG since it came out in 2008.
19:02, Cryoburner whispers: IE and Safari don't support it though, and Chome apparently requires an addon for it.
19:04, Kynreeve whispers: You said that exactly when I read that on Wiki :) Also it says both Adobe and GIMP support it with corresponding plugins onboard.
19:05, Serpens whispers: Sorry to interrupt, but I need a little help
19:05, Serpens> I'm looking for something that would let me remap keys without the need to log out/restart Windows every time.
19:06, Cryoburner is tempted to make an APNG avatar, just to hide awesomeness from those without compatible browsers. :P
19:07, Cryoburner whispers: And actually, the APNG specification was apparently 'out' since 2004.
19:09, Kynreeve> Maybe something of help here --
19:09, Cryoburner> Maybe something like this? dows-xp-vista/
19:12, Cryoburner> I think the sharpkeys download linked to in my link is an older version, and the latest can be found here...
19:14, Serpens> I tried these programs already and they all want me to restart or log out of Windows to apply changes. Or am I doing something wrong?
19:17, Cryoburner> Yeah, I just read that SharpKeys requires a reboot. :P
19:22, Kynreeve> It seems the solution is to use utilities that don't change registry entries -- indows#Utilities
19:23, Kynreeve> Check this one too --
19:41, Serpens> I guess I need to learn how to use AutoHotKey.
19:51, Neuzd> Just for funsies, Alex' latest blog entry: "I'm afraid I've been heading towards 3.00"
20:04, Cryoburner whispers: Err...
20:07, Neuzd whispers: Oh, and I took the opportunity to extend the curse by another 5 millennia. Cheers!
20:07, E_net4> OWAT
21:33, Albeyamakiir> @Serpens: Why not just use something like Joy2Key or GlovePIE (the latter being my favourite)?
23:59, Serpens> I found VJoy in the meantime and it worked well, but GlovePIE looks even more interesting. I'll take a look.