March 17, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
20:45, Mary Lou> Welcoming a new member: "Techoids".
21:25, Techoids> I could of swore I had an old account. Huh.
21:29, E_net4> Welcome (back), anyways. :]
21:31, Techoids> Thank you. Nice to see there's still some life left in this place...
23:39, Kristos> Welcome [back] to the forums. Let me guess: You were into Noctis? :)
23:43, Kristos> Does anybody know what ML's secret was? ( )
23:54, Kynreeve whispers: Let me try: "We're no strangers to love ~ You know the rules and so do I ~ A full commitment's what I'm thinking of ~ You wouldn't get this from any other guy ~"