April 07, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
01:52, Kristos> Wow! Mars is as big as the moon today! Oh wait, that is the moon. :P
03:25, Granpire viking man> Look what I found! :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImA5pOj_4eo
03:27, Logicalerror whispers: I saw a copy of Doom II in a thrift store recently.
03:29, Granpire viking man whispers: I like the part where he says, "These games are getting really realistic, aren't they?"
03:29, Logicalerror> DOS is impossible to install games on? I think not! Besides he needs to remember that graphics aren't everything anyway :P
03:31, Logicalerror whispers: DOS mess, he obviously hasn't seen the state of my 95 install...
03:39, Granpire viking man> I'm a little too young to have truly appreciated the DOS days. I barely remember 95. :/
03:44, Logicalerror> I've grown up with loads of old systems so despite my age i've had DOS -> Present.
03:45, Logicalerror> Though now I mostly deal in Linux.
03:47, Logicalerror whispers: And all the games in the basement run on DOS so i still use a DOS emulator to remind me of the good old days...
05:21, Malkom whispers: I've used DOS and played the games a little. For nothing serious. I was not around in its heyday or even in its period of use... I remember having Win9x tho
05:23, Malkom> Also, yay for heavy handed Paranoia joking :P
05:23, Malkom whispers: (Mine.)
06:02, Mingamango181 whispers: ............
08:53, Serpens whispers: My mother's elementary school (she's a teacher, not a student :P) still has a few computers from 1992. They're mostly in good condition.
08:53, Serpens whispers: I played Wolfenstein 3D on one of them a while ago
11:34, Logicalerror> If Wolfenstein 3D had been made in modern times it would look like this!
11:35, Logicalerror> http://voxelstein3d.sourceforge.net/
12:41, Cryoburner whispers: So, they would give it a deliberately retro look for no apparent reason, instead of the cutting edge graphics the original game had? :P
13:23, Speeder> :P
13:45, Kynreeve whispers: It all depends on the number of voxels :P Millions are not enough, apparently...
13:55, Kynreeve> Anyway, played Wurm Online recently. Basically it's MMO survival game similar to Haven and Hearth, but in first-person 3D. It also has a goood terraforming system, where you can lower and elevate land, dig tunnels (for mines) and such. Good collision system too (you can slide off a steep slope, and take some injuries upon the impact - I mean, how many games have that?)
13:59, Kynreeve whispers: It's not completely free though. You can play without premium, but your skills will be capped by 20.
14:01, Kynreeve whispers: Oh, and I just saw a ship sailing by the shore while I was wandering around, and a cart pulled by a horse and a bull >_>
16:25, Malkom whispers: I should try Wurm... :/
16:26, Raptorjedi> Wurm is clownshoes
16:31, Malkom whispers: Oh gosh, there's cannibal worms in my footwear
16:32, Kynreeve> Why, RJ?
16:51, Raptorjedi> Having played it before, a number of times, the game is stupid. You can play it "free" yes, but only if you hate yourself and wish you were dead.
16:52, Raptorjedi> You can't DO anything with a free account at all. Most of the game is spent improving shit you broke trying to improve (or fix) so you can improve it some more.
16:53, Raptorjedi> Or getting slaughtered by some animal that no one within five miles can kill because you need a premium account
16:56, Raptorjedi> Real walls that can actually protect your camp? Premium. Boats? Premium. Anything that isn't getting lost and dying somewhere? Premium.
16:57, Raptorjedi> The game charging money to play is fine, but if you're gonna be such an ass about what non-paying customers can do, why even have it as an option?
17:06, Malkom> Darn invertebrates have no respect these days. :P
18:35, Kynreeve> Sounds horrible. Although, me and some other newb killed 2 wolves, 3 spiders and one troll (NPC guards helped with this one) without dying. But yeah, restrictions, restrictions. A Tale in the Desert had that too.