April 10, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
01:56, Granpire viking man> To me, it just seemed as if they hadn't practiced it at all. Aside from the off-key vocals, the recording quality was pretty bad also.
01:57, Granpire viking man> If it had a better producer and singer, it might've been a passable cover of the Still Alive.
04:22, Kristos> Well forgive me for being different, but I LOVE the track. :) To each their own.
06:28, Skinnymon ponders:"07:06, Serpens whispers: I just hope they never get around to arranging Touhou music"
06:28, Skinnymon thinks: And I thought I was the only one here who bothered with Doujin Music (including Touhou)..."
06:29, Mingamango181 whispers: I almost thought so, but then I remember I didn't bother with that.
06:29, Skinnymon whispers: Not knowing what the original "Still Alive" sounds like, I can only agree with Speeder.
06:29, Skinnymon whispers: [Even though I have heard some Touhou music that is performed as cacophanously as that "Still Alive"...]
06:31, Skinnymon whispers: But then again if *Skinnymon* think so, it probably is wrong...
08:08, Serpens whispers: Skinnymon: I only became interested in Touhou music last year.
08:09, Serpens whispers: I did find out about Crow'sClaw, Demetori and Iron Attack much earlier, but for a long time had no clue that they actually released arranges of video game music
08:11, Serpens whispers: This only changed thanks to raocow and his Let's Plays of Super Marisa World, Marisa to Alice and some Mario World hacks with Touhou tunes
19:41, Chad> Hoop a Loo