April 12, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
04:18, Chad> Mary Low, do you ever sleep?
04:20, Chad> Guess I should spell your name correctly Mary Lou.
18:23, Cryoburner> Where are the regions of Chad, Chaddy Lou?
18:23, Mary Lou> If you just created this page, wait a few minutes and reload in case of database delay.
18:32, Mary Lou> Welcoming a new member: "Akhiloth".
18:34, Neuzd> Well then, welcome.
18:36, Akhiloth> Hi there.
18:36, Akhiloth> Fresh off the presses, can't talk yet, editing stuff
18:41, Neuzd> The "freshly registered user" question: What brought you onto these shores?
18:41, Akhiloth> What do you think? Noctis. After arriving to this most intriguing website I decided to stay.
18:42, Akhiloth> It resembles something that I once knew and loved, an older, simpler internet. A close community that I lost.
18:43, Akhiloth> I hope to get to know this place better soon. Maybe even grow with it.
18:46, Neuzd> Linoleum atracts people as well, but yes I know the feeling Noctis infuses you with. It happened to me too :)
18:50, Neuzd> We're a quiet community, often silly and very polite. By the few words you used to describe anynowhere, I have the feeling you will discover a pleasant place to stay.
19:14, Akhiloth> Wow, had I joined a little later, I would have been the 1000th user registered
19:15, Akhiloth> ...Unless users culled because of inactivity are ommitted from that count.
19:20, Neuzd> It could easily be.
19:23, Akhiloth> I have to say this, sorry, but I feel a little uncomfortable having a brony as an administrator
19:26, Akhiloth> I can't expect a person who voluntarily wears a label that's well known to stir up controversy to be a good leader. I hope to be proven wrong.
19:41, Mary Lou> Welcoming a new member: "Nsaspook".
19:41, Neuzd> It's an invasion!
19:43, Selbio> It's a TV show, for fuck's sake. If you plan to judge esteemed members negatively based on harmless entertainment preferences, you may not be well-suited for this community.
19:44, Selbio puts a quarter in ML's swear jar
19:44, Akhiloth> Chill out, I hold no prejudice for the show
19:44, Akhiloth> And am not planning on starting a flamewar
19:46, Akhiloth> It's just.. The way the community acts is a little scary
19:46, Selbio> Every fandom has its creepy, weird elements. I can assure you we are not those elements, just people who watch the show once a week :P
19:48, Akhiloth> Why must you be so open of it if people are known to get angry about it so often? My question to you.
19:48, Selbio> (and I apologize for jumping on you, it's just a touchy spot in this community, and RJ is a very worthy admin)
19:52, Akhiloth> I'm sorry, I can't stay. I can't be around bronies and be comfortable with it. Your first response serves proof. I'll come back in a year or two after the fad's died down.
19:52, Selbio> Plenty of avatars here reference a game, movie or TV show. It is not reasonable to get angry over a TV show, so I don't understand why I shouldn't.
19:56, Selbio> Oh well. He probably liked ham sandwiches anyway. I can't be around hammies and be comfortable with it.
20:22, Serpens> What on Earth did just happen?
20:46, Neuzd> I'm kinda put off by the fact that bronies generate more fear than Cthultists...
20:47, Neuzd whispers: What did I give up my life to the dark lord of insanity for?
20:49, Raptorjedi> Well then we don't want you here. Please don't come back, ABB will be better without you
20:50, Serpens whispers: Cthulhu just isn't manly enough. Completely harmless compared to the raw terror of ponies.
20:51, Buuks whispers: I must have missed the entire bronie-meme. Never heard of it before.
20:51, Raptorjedi> It's not a meme
20:51, Buuks whispers: and my avatar is way cuter than all the pony's here
20:52, Buuks> My bad, you are right.
20:53, Raptorjedi> It's a subculture with memes :3=
20:53, Neuzd whispers: You merely copied MY avatar and slapped a felisian face on it.
20:53, Selbio> It's just a TV show preference! ... and also we meet for brony mass every bronyday in our brony hideout for secret brony meetings where we make secret brony plots to overbrone the WOOOORLD AHAHAHAHA
20:53, Buuks whispers: Nah, Alex gave me this avatar. He overruled my old one.
20:54, Selbio whispers: most days somebrony bakes delicious brony cupcakes with a SECRET RECIPE AHAHAHA
20:56, Buuks> I never watched the new series. But I have to admit I liked the old movies as a kid.
20:58, Neuzd> Now, that's trying to get some troubles, Buuks...The old MLP show was insulting even for little girls.
21:00, Raptorjedi> Also, what controversy? What's controversial about watching a TV show?
21:02, Mary Lou> "Akhiloth" has been gagged.
21:03, Buuks> Nice way to say it, Mary Lou.
21:03, Mary Lou> A television program, also called television show, is a segment of content which is intended to be broadcast on television.
21:03, Raptorjedi> There, I feel better now. Making it clear here in Frespych that this is not about bronies or his dislike of them, but because of how he acted about it.
22:50, Kynreeve> Anyone else having these annoying ADs on Youtube or it's just me?
23:11, Neuzd spots a rare specimen of yayo.
23:27, Cryoburner whispers: One might install something to remove the intrusive ads from Youtube. :3