April 19, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
02:18, Selbio whispers: writing from Opera in a Windows 98 VM...
05:47, Malkom whispers: writing from Firefox in a Windows XP VM...
09:59, Mingamango181 whispers: writing from a browser in an operating system... The chat frame doesn't really care about what OS we're using, does it? :P
12:59, Neuzd> Because yesterday Mango sent an outbox I was thinking to update the starmap, maybe this weekend.
13:00, Neuzd> Since it's only the second outbox in almost a year, I don't think I'm going to announce it with the usual thread. Those interested are invited to send their files.
18:23, Selbio whispers: YOU CAN SLOPE FOR FUEL HERE
18:24, Selbio> (I'm going on a journey to see if I can't find a star I liked but never submitted)
18:29, Selbio> Wait, if I want to submit something, do I have to use NIV+?
18:55, Logicalerror> A new inbox? A real new inbox? YAY!
18:56, Neuzd> NIV or NIV+, it doesn't matter.
19:00, Selbio> Hmm, NIV+ always goes (Unknown module)
19:00, Selbio> (In Windows 98, that is)
21:45, Chad> I think its time to update.
21:46, Selbio> :P
21:47, Selbio> This is just a VM that I've been using for old games
21:47, Selbio> I'm not L4 :P
21:47, Lightning4> Hey. Hey. Hey. Fuck you. :(
21:47, Selbio> :D
21:48, Lightning4> I only used Windows 98 until 2006. Or so.
21:48, Lightning4> :(
22:08, Albeyamakiir> It's ok. I know someone who used Win 3.11 until about the same time... :P