May 03, 2012
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00:03, Selbio whispers: o hai
00:03, Alex> hey! breaking the silence at last
00:04, Alex> I guess people will be a BIT disappointed of not seeing me here since a year or so
00:05, Alex> I can only apologize, as always. I had to clarify stuff to myself. They didn't clarify at all, but I gave up trying.
00:06, Selbio> I think we're used to it and understand at this point :P
00:06, Selbio> I don't think anybody who feels entitled to having you around is left, though that's not to say we don't like having you here :P
00:07, Alex> well at least I can still be useful for doing some backups and VPS maintenance :D
00:08, Selbio> Oh good, you have been taking care of our good server, then? :P
00:08, Alex> not at all, recently, but I will
00:09, Selbio> I have been appreciating the server, btw; I've been scraping ABB for several interesting uses, in ways that your old host liked to IP-ban me for
00:09, Mary Lou> Precisely.
00:10, Alex> I have no idea what you're talking about... but I guess I'm glad?
00:10, Raptorjedi> Hey Alex
00:10, Alex> Oh hey! finally!
00:11, Alex> saw you there, but you were locked into an embarrassing silence, or so I thought...
00:11, Raptorjedi> Nah, I left to go read.
00:12, Lightning4> Hi Alex!
00:12, Alex> well you see, after a year-long absence I just expect being either frowned at, or at most treaten as a stranger
00:12, Alex> looks like it isn't true, though; hi L4!
00:13, Raptorjedi> You were missed.
00:14, Alex> I guess I was. I don't even know what to say, now.
00:14, Alex> I'm horribly confused.
00:14, Alex> well some said being confused, in doubt, marks the point where you start to ask the right questions, I hope so
00:17, Speeder> Hello Alex! I never know what to say to you, because I never felt since I joined that you stuck around enough to form a friendship, yet I am a fan of you...
00:18, Speeder> Probably what I feel toward you is the same that Jam feels toward me :) (one day I will be like you and have more minions! MUHUAHUAHUAHUA!!!)
00:18, Speeder> But, hi!
00:18, Alex> Hi... I never had the intention to stay away. I just used to fear this place.
00:19, Alex> I fear contact with other people, it sin't your fault, it's mine.
00:20, Alex> that also occurs in r/l of course, where I'm mostly a loner
00:20, Speeder> Oh, I know how it is :) I am currently trying to be a non-loner.
00:20, Speeder> Two days ago I kissed the second girl ever in my life.
00:20, Alex> That's also why I constantly try again to stick here.
00:21, Speeder> People here are one of the few sources of friendship (even if tenous) that I have.
00:21, Speeder> :)
00:21, Speeder> I think somehow, maybe without intention, you built a good community.
00:21, Alex> yeah, even that aspect (girls), isn't much different here: I never had an elaborate relationship
00:21, Speeder> One that works even in your absence.
00:22, Alex> I guess it was Noctis. It attracted people who shared similar interests.
00:22, Speeder> I had a girlfriend, that was also the first girl I kissed. That lasted 9 months in theory, but only 6 in practice. As soon as her hormone levels changed (it always happen at 6 months, among other dates), she realized she disliked me.
00:23, Speeder> The extra 3 months is she refusing to leave because she thought it was going to hurt me too much. (and it did... :/ but there was nothing that could be done)
00:23, Alex> Me, I'm usually considered weird by girls. So they approach me to a certain "limit", beyond which they may not dare crossing.
00:24, Speeder> I think I am normal and everyone else in the world is weird :)
00:24, Alex> "girls"... now, my latest approach was to a 26 y.o. so I guess that could be called woman
00:24, Alex whispers: she behaved like a 14 y.o. most of the time anyway
00:25, Speeder> lol
00:25, Alex> heh, that's why we tended to be relatively compatible, I guess.
00:25, Speeder> Probably.
00:26, Speeder> My ex told me one of the reasons she dumped me is that I am too idealistic :(
00:26, Speeder> I guess I was born in the wrong age... (my ideals are mostly the same ones as Italian courtiers in late medieval era, like the people in Baldassare Castiglione book)
00:27, Alex> I'm just... hard to endure. Sometimes depressed, sometimes overly anxious. Fearful and all.
00:27, Alex> well those might be energetic ideals, at least
00:28, Alex whispers: I'm done backing up the DB
00:29, Speeder> I am hard to endure in the sense I am unbeding. I follow my ideals and values very strongly, I defend them, and I believe in them.
00:29, Speeder> Women those days want fun, not that sort of Man
00:29, Speeder> unbending
00:29, Speeder> Backup! =D
00:31, Alex> next might be... um... does it do any good to a Linux server to be not rebooted in 500 days?
00:31, Alex goes to check the uptime
00:32, Selbio> I believe you can configure Ubuntu to automatically update/reboot
00:32, Alex> 483 days uptime. I wonder if that may be bad.
00:32, Speeder> Linux server is not a missile :)
00:33, Speeder> In fact you have a professional grade uptime :P
00:33, Selbio> There have been several security holes in the kernel, Apache, PHP, and glibc since then, so yeah, a little :P
00:33, Speeder> (to those wondering the missile quote: there are some missiles that if you do not reboot they start to count time wrong and miss their aim)
00:33, Alex> ah, I wasn't getting it, in fact
00:34, Alex> I guess I should run apt-get to update/upgrade then.
00:34, Speeder> =D
00:34, Speeder> Shiny new server!
00:34, Selbio whispers: Speaking of updates, is the version of Ubuntu you're using still supported even?
00:34, Speeder> And shiny broken stuff to repair as API changes :P
00:35, Alex> I think I had last updated, without showing up here, after PHP had that DoS problem with array hashing collisions.
00:35, Alex> it's 10.04 LTS
00:35, Alex> I have no idea how LONG TERM would be the support, though.
00:36, Selbio> You're good until early 2015, then
00:36, Alex> oh, good
00:37, Alex> then yes, I'm going to let the server update, if you see something breaking... I'll be trying to fix it
00:37, Mary Lou> Precisely.
00:37, Alex whispers: Mary for sure needs fixing
00:37, Selbio> The nice thing about an LTS is that there should be no breakage for updates
00:37, Selbio> Since they're just filling in security holes
00:38, Selbio whispers: but do keep in mind that you should be rebooting so the kernel updates take effect
00:38, Alex> good to know; also, I don't recall seeing alerts on that could affect Postline
00:38, Alex> thanks for the suggestion
00:40, Alex> apt-get says there's about 12 mb of updates
00:40, Alex> running apt-get upgrade now
00:41, Alex> lots of stuff will be updated, it seems
00:41, Alex> including Apache, php, mysql
00:41, Alex> well, answering Yes
00:42, Alex> let's cross fingers
00:42, Speeder> =D
00:43, Alex> still here?
00:43, Alex> looks like we're still alive
00:45, Alex> I see that it also updated apt (the updater itself), perhaps running it again will yield something else?
00:45, Alex> nope, all clear, we're up to date
00:46, Alex> now all that remains is hoping that a reboot leaves things working
00:47, Alex> rebooting the server...
00:49, Alex> looks like it went well
00:51, Selbio return to tab, all is well
00:51, Speeder> =D
00:51, Alex whispers: phew
00:52, Speeder> Check if Mary is running
00:52, Speeder> I think Mary is the most complex program running, maybe she broke
00:52, Alex> Mary Maaaary, are you there?
00:52, Mary Lou> As long as enabled, I'm always here.
00:52, Speeder> Yay!
00:52, Speeder> Seemly she is working
00:52, Speeder> :)
00:52, Selbio whispers: Like I said, relax about LTS updates, Ubuntu is doing the work for you and big companies with much more expensive Web apps will shout at them loudly if something breaks :P
00:52, Alex> I had a more complex version of her in the process of being developed.
00:53, Alex whispers: that's conforting for someone who understands too little about Unix/Linux to... reasonably run a server.
00:54, Alex> I think I'll be paying the work-in-progress version of May a visit.
00:54, Speeder> Brazil Air Force use Ubuntu and Debian
00:54, Alex meant: of Mary
00:55, Speeder> Ubuntu for desktops (including the air traffic control workstations) and Debian for servers.
00:55, Speeder> I guess if Ubuntu breaks they will be pretty upset with Canonical :P
00:55, Alex> you see, I understand PHP, SQL, Apache and a few of the other high-level stuff here, but I don't have extensive knowledge of the operating system itself
00:56, Alex> but wow! apt did a great job anyway.
00:57, Speeder> By the way... Although I actually dislike Ubuntu (despite using one right now), and I do not understand much of it, I am sorta part of Ubuntu team...
00:57, Speeder> I am connected to Ubuntu-SP team, that is part of Ubuntu-BR team, that responds do Canonical in Brazil
00:58, Speeder> I actually slept with Canonical execs in the same hotel room.
00:58, Selbio whispers: kinky
00:58, Speeder> So... if you want to shout at them, tell me :P
00:58, Selbio whispers: <_<
00:58, Speeder> Bensel... Bensel... That was... creepy.
00:59, Selbio> I bet it was *eyebrows*
00:59, Selbio stops :P
00:59, Speeder> Heh
00:59, Alex> maybe you don't like the desktop version of Ubuntu (I heard many didn't)
00:59, Speeder> Yep, that.
00:59, Speeder> I prefer Fedora
00:59, Alex> the one running this server looks (to me) like a very "light" distribution, I mean, it doesn't have fancy stuff
01:00, Alex whispers: it doesn't even have an X server to my knowledge
01:00, Speeder> It was funny me on a event, giving away Ubuntu CDs, installing it on people computers and giving some support, and then using my Fedora machine on the Ubuntu team booth :P
01:02, Selbio> My problem with Ubuntu is that their devs often think that they're smarter than upstream, so things that work right on every single distro don't on Ubuntu
01:03, Selbio> Granted, I really like Debian, and they do the same thing to an extent, but the difference is they're dedicated to making things solid and stable, not just adding features and forgetting the consequences
01:04, Alex> I'd pass to liking Debian, then. :)
01:05, Alex whispers: not that I will rebuild everything to switch to it before someone breaks here, anyway :D
01:05, Alex meant: before something breaks
01:07, Alex> uploaded a snapshot of htop running, showing running tasks
01:07, Alex> I used to post one after an update, to keep comparisons with eariler screenshots.
01:08, Alex> but it looks more or less always the same, which is... reassuring
01:11, Alex> postline also looks fine, and the members database fragmentation level is merely 17%, I guess there hasn't been much going on in the last year
01:13, Raptorjedi> Not really, no
01:14, Alex> Oh, I don't necessarily consider that a bad thing. It's been... quiet.
01:16, Raptorjedi> I kinda like it quiet. Less work that way
01:16, Granpire viking man> It's always been nicely quiet here, hasn't it?
01:16, Alex> As long as it's considered a "nice" kind of quiet, I don't oppose it. :)
01:21, Alex> well... I did what I had to, here. I think I can safely go to bed now.
01:21, Alex> I'll try to stick around, I may even succeed this time.
01:22, Alex whispers: let's just not give up hopes
02:37, Albeyamakiir> Just now, I tried to text to frespych from the bottom of the window, not the top. How long has it been since it was down there?
02:38, Albeyamakiir> And, am I the only one who calls it frespych, any more?
03:07, Chad> It's been a long time. I still call it frespych at times.
12:08, Neuzd> Carp! I knew I had to follow my schedule and update the that the NIV archive could be updated.
12:34, Neuzd> Anyway, hi Alex for when you come back :) Very pleased to see you around here.
12:41, Speeder> Mental note: Do not open the chat frame while at work, you might burst in laughter, specially when Cryo is involved, and shame yourself.
12:43, Speeder> Mental note: Chrome at work also repeats itself.
12:46, Speeder> I never call it frespych because I never remember how to write it (in fact, copying it right now from the log window I still ended writing fryspich and having to edit it before sending)
15:02, Valorin> Ah, Alex! Welcome back. Come to think of it, I don't believe I've ever met him.
15:03, Valorin> Before my time, you could say.
15:15, Valorin> Man, I had no idea that Home of the Underdogs was back up. Brb, downloading EVERYTHING :D
19:58, Cryoburner whispers: It's technically not back up. Rather, they made their old database available for download, and a few different "revival" sites use it now.
20:03, Cryoburner whispers: and are the two up now, though neither is the "official" site.
20:42, Speeder> is more updated I think
20:42, Speeder> Also I like it more :)
20:48, Cryoburner whispers: Is it updated more? The last "what's new" post before the ACTA one was from over three years ago. :P
21:42, Chad> Mary, when is Noctic V coming out?
21:42, Mary Lou> I don't know.
21:42, Mary Lou> I don't know.
21:42, Chad> Mary, why don't you know?
21:42, Mary Lou> It's not in wikipedia, or I couldn't understand what wikipedia says about it.
21:43, Chad> Mary, what is this wikipedia?
21:43, Mary Lou> But I told you I don't know!
21:43, Chad> Sorry, geez..
21:52, Chad> Mary, do you learn from our experiences?
21:52, Mary Lou> It really is impossible to hurt my feelings.
21:53, Chad> I wasn't trying yo hurt your feelings, Mary.
21:54, Chad> Mary, do you play StarCraft II?
21:54, Cryoburner whispers: Yes, he was, Mary. Don't trust him.
21:54, Mary Lou> Precisely.
21:55, Chad> >_>
21:58, Chad> Everyone is out to get me.
22:40, Mary Lou> Welcoming a new member: "Chaszrak".
23:37, Starchaser whispers: Mary Lou is OP. >_>