May 09, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
02:42, Malkom whispers: I dread to think of the crashes inherent in that idea. And I snerk at the cloneys.
11:25, E_net4> Crashes? Come on, you cannot speculate on a subject if you aren't into it.
13:44, Chad> Mary, What is Disneyland?
13:44, Mary Lou> Sorry I have nothing to add.
13:44, Chad> Well that's where I'm going today. I was going to take you, Mary.
13:44, Mary Lou> Your habitat says Tehachapi, CA.
13:45, Chad> Yes, it is. Can't I go on vacation, Mary?
13:45, Mary Lou> Um what?
13:45, Chad> Do you understand me Mary?
13:47, Chad> Mary, where are you located?
13:47, Mary Lou> As long as enabled, I'm always here.
13:55, Chad> Thank you for your services, Mary.
13:55, Mary Lou> Oh wow, I must have said something kind.
14:12, Chad> Your loved, Mary.
16:20, Kynreeve whispers: Whoa, huge recent posts chunk ahead
16:20, Kynreeve> Mary how are you doing?
16:20, Mary Lou> Um what?
16:21, Kynreeve> Whats cooking, ML?
17:32, Granpire viking man> Mary Lou, what is cooking?
17:32, Mary Lou> I don't understand what you're confirming.
19:21, Logicalerror> Mary, what is up?
19:21, Mary Lou> There is no explanation.
20:57, Buuks> Mary, what is down?
20:57, Mary Lou> That was all.
21:38, Logicalerror> What is middle ML?
21:38, Mary Lou> I'm a thing.
21:38, Logicalerror> no
21:38, Mary Lou> Your last answer doesn't count.
21:39, Logicalerror> ML, What is Middle?
21:39, Mary Lou> It's a moron's answer.
22:19, Albeyamakiir> Chad, you used "your" when you should have used "you're". You'll never pick up chicks that way.
22:28, Logicalerror whispers: I just noticed that ML's name is in the gray whisper text