May 11, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
00:20, Cryoburner whispers: That's known as Kitten Huffing.
00:20, Cryoburner> Mary, what is Kitten Huffing?
00:20, Mary Lou> That's all you might know.
00:24, Cryoburner whispers: :3
01:36, Logicalerror whispers: Mary has been huffed so many times by Alex that she can't grow a soul and is confined to his server...
04:36, Mary Lou> Welcoming a new member: "Homaux".
04:50, Albeyamakiir> We get an awful lot of new members. Many never seem to talk. Where do they come from? Where do they go? Who knows... O_O
09:23, Cryoburner whispers: Mary prunes them. I've heard it's a rather uncomfortable process.
09:23, Mary Lou> I is the ninth letter and a vowel in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.
10:43, Neuzd> @"AM" Mary, "I AM".
10:44, Neuzd> Ops, I meant #
18:46, Logicalerror> I must not have played enough Noctis IV, I didn't realize i could capture flyers by touching them...
18:55, Neuzd> Want a proper challenge? Stay close but without either capturing them nor scare them away.
18:56, Speeder> I never captured one :( I suck.
18:56, Speeder> And I did tried a couple times.
18:56, Logicalerror> go at speed 1
18:57, Speeder> If the game had a hunger system, I can pretty much bet my cahracter would have died about 12 times already...
18:57, Neuzd> Here, noobs :P :
18:57, Logicalerror whispers: If I capture 1,000,000 will Alex tell me where the walking tree is?
18:58, Logicalerror whispers: BTW your validation is in error...
18:59, Neuzd> Sorry....
19:01, Logicalerror> I swear i saw something that wasn't a hopper, had short pointed ears and was in the middle of the ocean for no reason.
19:02, Logicalerror whispers: Maybe a LI+ eater or a Felisian :3
19:02, Neuzd> Well, it could have been a hopper, just one generated with small ears. And it wasn't hopping because it was in the water :P
19:03, Logicalerror> I was wondering, how rare is it to wander across another drifter without signalling for help
19:03, Neuzd> 100%
19:04, Logicalerror> 100% of time or 100% impossible?
19:04, Neuzd> Impossible
19:04, Logicalerror> I guess i just caught up to one I called in another system...
19:05, Logicalerror whispers: I'm not crazy, i know what i saw!
19:05, Neuzd> Was it NIV/NIV+?
19:05, Logicalerror> NIV
19:06, Logicalerror whispers: I have pictures but those don't prove anything...
19:09, Neuzd> Yeah that's right.
19:10, Logicalerror> Kewl
19:10, Logicalerror> If i weren't on win7 i'd fire up noctis and head to those coords
19:10, Neuzd> Anyway what you experienced was probably a...."feature"
19:10, Logicalerror> what was your fleet?
19:11, Neuzd> A modified source version, of course :P
19:11, Logicalerror> :3
19:12, Logicalerror> 50000 parsis would be far enough that the one I called would disapear, right?
19:12, Neuzd> The intention was to do a *proper* (a-ehm) Noctis movie, with only videos from the game.
19:12, Cryoburner whispers: Unless he was a stalker...
19:13, Logicalerror whispers: Ohh noes!
19:14, Neuzd> If I'm not mistaken the NPC stardrifter is centered around your position, so its movement is relative and there shouldn't be a way to get closer when he drifts away, for instance
19:15, Neuzd> While doing those experiment with multiple SDs I also tried moving and they were always circling my stardrifter. If that's more explanatory
19:16, Cryoburner whispers: Maybe it was a mirage.
19:16, Cryoburner whispers: Maybe you're the only one...
19:16, Logicalerror> He was much farther when i went into vimana, did you experience them getting closer over large distances of movement?
19:17, Logicalerror whispers: lemme change to png so i can upload to cdisk
19:18, Neuzd> Not sure, that's what I remember their behavior to be.
19:18, Logicalerror> OK, I'll make a post so we can discuss this more thoroughly
19:25, Logicalerror> Blasted waiting 30 secs to upload another file to c-disk
19:26, Logicalerror> you can see the first pic under my jpg's :3
19:26, Logicalerror whispers: JK it's a png.
19:31, Neuzd> Oh, so you called for help without really needing it, if I'm getting it right.
19:33, Logicalerror> How does I make moar poll options?
19:33, Neuzd> And that poor explorer who got your distress signal, reached your previous,ocation and had to track where you went. That's not nice of you. It is not.
19:33, Logicalerror> He flew away and so did I
19:34, Logicalerror> I had no fuel so I couldn't leave
19:34, Logicalerror> :P
19:35, Neuzd> Try previewing your message and see if the text under your...preview...has some info about making more poll options.
19:35, Logicalerror> I always check there if I don't know something
19:36, Neuzd> ; to separate poll options
19:36, Logicalerror> thx
19:37, Neuzd> I'm afraid I have to go now, see you and your thrad, later
19:37, Neuzd meant: thread