May 14, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
00:18, Logicalerror> ARGH!
00:18, Logicalerror> Stupid postline won't let me haz title!
00:24, Cryoburner whispers: You can win the weekly Noctis photo competition for a title!
00:27, Logicalerror> Lemme guess.
00:27, Logicalerror> After I find the walking tree I can enter.
00:28, Cryoburner whispers: No, you just need to time travel back to when there was a weekly Noctis Photo Comp. It's much easier. :3
00:29, Logicalerror> If I find the walking tree I win through all of time and space. Much easier just to find one tree than make a time machine.
00:30, Cryoburner> Or just do something awesome. Then, some staff member will say, "Wow! That's awesome!" and may or may not unlock your title. :3
00:30, Cryoburner whispers: More likely not. :P
00:31, Logicalerror> :'|
00:32, Logicalerror whispers: I got the Babel Fish in the Infocom Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. Does that count?
00:32, Logicalerror> Without hints even
00:33, Cryoburner> RJ, I'm pretty sure Mary moved to London a little over a year ago. Unless you did too, the weather is probably somewhat different there today. :)
00:34, Cryoburner whispers: Mary where are you?
00:35, Logicalerror whispers: Hmmmm... She used to answer that question when asked...
00:36, Cryoburner yells: MARY! WHERE ARE YOU?
00:36, Mary Lou> Virtually spread among various machines held in datacenter London185 belonging to
00:36, Cryoburner whispers: Perhaps she didn't hear the whisper. :P
00:38, Logicalerror whispers: I always found here hearing uncommonly perceptive before.
01:35, Cryoburner whispers: Mary, what time is it?
01:35, Mary Lou> 1:35:2 server time, that is, my time.
01:36, Cryoburner whispers: Yes. Yes, it is.
01:36, Cryoburner whispers: Or rather was.
01:39, Logicalerror> What timezone is Mary in? I'm too lazy to do the maths. :P
01:39, Mary Lou> I'm hunting visitors.
01:47, Logicalerror> If I were in that time zone i wouldn't have to take my EOC tuesday...
02:38, Raptorjedi> The server is east coast, unless it changed. Specifically here in North Carolina. If I felt like it, I could go visit ABB in person.
04:51, Chad> I blame Hipsters.
10:34, E_net4> Alex: Hai.
10:35, Alex> Ohai!
10:36, E_net4> I don't really want to pull your nerves on a certain subject but... any chance of multithreading in Linoleum?
10:37, Alex> oh, I look forward to implement it, albeit as minimally as possible.
10:37, E_net4> I'd rather enjoy it. Verily.
10:37, Alex> It'd be extremely useful for that atom-based graphics engine I was experimenting with.
10:38, Alex> However, I currently have no news on that side. I've been fiddling with Postline 2012 in these days. (and it's still not ready for an online alpha)
10:39, E_net4> Indeed, I imagine the gfx processing can be split up into separate pieces.
10:39, Alex> yeah, ray-tracing lends very well to that.
10:39, E_net4> Though I'm still a bit skeptic on how you're going to perform real-time graphics with it.
10:40, E_net4> I saw the example, but it was nothing but a few dozens of atoms. What if one needs thousands?
10:40, Alex> Until I don't see results with my eyes (and have ported the due heap library) I can't guarantee much.
10:41, Alex> But what I have in mind is splitting complex models into octrees, and then use fast sphere intersections in place of cubes, centering the spheres around the cubes (as circospheres).
10:42, E_net4> Guess what, I'm running Cryxtels on my smartphone. At about 3FPS...
10:42, Alex> It leads to some duplications (atoms in the intersection between adjacent spheres), but it might be pretty fast. Just not sure if ENOUGH.
10:43, Alex> well I guess it's unde heavy emulation :D
10:43, Alex> anyway, I was stopping by very quickly, I have to help with preparing lunch
10:43, E_net4> It was running under aDosBox, an Android version of DosBox.
10:43, E_net4> K, see you later.
10:44, Alex> wow I didn't even know it existed. Will download on my galaxytab. :)
10:44, E_net4> Enjoy.
10:45, E_net4> That might stand a better chance.
10:49, E_net4 whispers: ...Or maybe not.
11:18, Logicalerror whispers: Where, did E_net4 get an android doxbox?
12:05, Speeder> If the game had a hunger system, I can pretty much bet my cahracter would have died about 12 times already...
12:30, Neuzd whispers: 13, now.
13:20, Alex whispers: what shall we use to fill the empty spaces where waves of hunger roar?
13:21, Alex whispers: but no, if that was Cryxtels, it didn't have a hunger system
13:29, Neuzd whispers: Thousands of layers of parallax scrolling.
13:31, Neuzd whispers: At least that would please the eye while waiting to blast the next roaring wave of enemy hunger.
13:42, Alex> speaking of Avatar, it really seems even my dream of that day (see last blog entry) remembered it: Cryo was right, the fairy-like creatures were probably taken from Avatar's masterspirits
13:44, Alex> bah, there's a lot of stuff to finish. I'll be filling my days, at least. I want it back one day, in all its not-so-serious atmosphere and glyphness, and rigorously browser-based.
14:16, Alex whispers: on a completely different matter, Dust on aDosBox also runs at about 3-4 fps, mildly influenced by the level-of-detail settings.
14:17, Alex whispers: to access Dust settings in case someone should try, map one of the numbered on-screen keys to be CAPS LOCK (when on, Dust enters its menu), and a couple others to be TAB (advance to next option) and SPACE (select option).
15:25, Valorin> ...Dust?
15:26, Valorin> This place has exploded :(
15:27, Valorin> ...Meh, not a bad thing. Good afternoon, everyone.
17:56, Chad> Love to see Avatar come back at some point. Enjoyed the world building.
19:16, E_net4> I never even tried it.
22:04, Albeyamakiir> There was worldbuilding?
22:04, Albeyamakiir> I tried it once when there was no one on. I didn't get far.
22:10, Raptorjedi> The whole game world was created by people like me
22:10, Raptorjedi> Master Spirits made the different zones and items
22:10, Raptorjedi> Alex made the world you spawned in and maybe one other? All the rest were made by other people
22:11, Raptorjedi> I made quite a few, six or more
23:34, Chad> I made a couple. Wouldn't mind the old build being up to play around in. :P