May 18, 2012
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00:22, Chad> Mary, who is the most beautiful of them all?
00:22, Mary Lou> Would you like to create Most beautiful of i all or Search for Most beautiful of i all in Uncyclopedia?
00:22, Chad> Mary, create it.
00:25, Chad> Mary, what are your functions?
00:25, Mary Lou> Ask wikipedia.
00:43, Chad> ~Well okay then.
00:46, Cryoburner whispers: Why is Mary replacing "them" with "I", then searching for the whole string anyway? :P
00:46, Mary Lou> It doesn't seem to me I should explain something.
00:46, Cryoburner whispers: No, it doesn't Mary.
00:47, Mary Lou> What?
00:47, Cryoburner> What, Mary?
00:47, Mary Lou> I wonder what you deny.
00:48, Cryoburner whispers: I wonder what I deny too, Mary.
00:48, Chad> Why, Mary?
00:48, Mary Lou> Sorry I don't know what you're asking about.
00:48, Cryoburner> Mary, what is Chad asking about?
00:49, Mary Lou> There's nothing to explain.
00:49, Cryoburner whispers: Wht is Mary talking about? :P
00:50, Chad> Could you try explaining it, Mary?
00:50, Cryoburner whispers: I don't think she can.
00:51, Cryoburner> Mary, whers my scepter?
00:51, Mary Lou> Um what?
00:52, Cryoburner> My scepter, Mary, where is it?
00:52, Mary Lou> Where is what?
00:52, Cryoburner> My sceptor!
00:53, Cryoburner> Never mind, we'll have to attend the ball without it. Mary, prepare the carriage!
00:55, Cryoburner> Are the ponies ready yet, Mary? I hope they are fully groomed. A carriage pulled by unkempt ponies is such an unpleasant sight.
00:56, Cryoburner> Mary, where are the ponies?
00:56, Mary Lou> Ponies originally developed as a landrace adapted to a harsh natural environment, and were considered part of the "draft" subtype typical of Northern Europe.
00:57, Cryoburner> Northern Europe! The ponies are useless to us if they are thousands of miles away!
00:58, Cryoburner> Where am I supposed to find four dozen finely groomed ponies to pull my carriage at this hour, Mary?
00:58, Mary Lou> As of your profile, United States.
00:59, Chad> You need a raise, Mary.
00:59, Cryoburner> Yes, yes. That woould be the logical place to look for ponies needed for transit to this evening's ball.
00:59, Mary Lou> Exactly.
01:00, Cryoburner> It's much too late to have them airlifted from Europe at this hour. It would have been nice if I had been notified of this earlier though, Mary.
01:03, Cryoburner> Well Mary, we'll just have to make do without them. Prepare the cats! We'll need at least two hundred and forty bushed persians, I think.
01:05, Cryoburner> Hmm... Where are the persians, Mary? Please tell me the servants have brushed them already.
01:05, Mary Lou> "Contact".
01:06, Cryoburner> Excellent you have found them! I knew you'd pull through Mary. Grab my coat and let's go!
01:09, Cryoburner> Ah yes, that's a fine herd of persians if I've ever seen one. Their coats are so lush and vibrant. I'm almost glad the ponies where left in Europe!
01:10, Chad> Beautiful specimens if I do say so. Good job, Mary.
01:10, Mary Lou> Glad to hear you agree.
01:12, Cryoburner> We will be the envy of the ball, as we arrive pulled by our cloud of snowy white pedigrees!
01:13, Chad> I hope you have a wonderfully decorated gown for the ball, Mary.
01:14, Cryoburner> Mary, where is your gown? You should have had it on already!
01:14, Mary Lou> Would you like to create Your gown or Search for Your gown in Uncyclopedia?
01:16, Cryoburner> Uncy... What? No Mary, your gown! Where is it?
01:16, Mary Lou> Ask wikipedia... didn't I just tell you?
01:17, Cryoburner> I'm not so... Ah, nevermind. That summer dress will have to do, Mary. Just drape a Persian or two over your shoulders, and no one should notice the difference.
01:18, Cryoburner> Alright, everyone in the carriage! You too, servants!
01:19, Cryoburner> Let us head to the ball! Now, onward my faithful stallions!
01:20, Cryoburner> Hmm... they seem to just be laying there. In fact, I think they are sunning themselves.
01:22, Cryoburner> This might not work as planned, Mary. The persians don't seem to share our interest in arriving at our destination.
01:23, Cryoburner> I think many of them may even be sleeping, in fact.
01:26, Cryoburner whispers: Does anyone have any clue on how to get a herd of snowy white longhairs moving? This could prove troublesome.
01:28, Cryoburner> I think motivation is what they need! Mary, what are some ways some ways to motivate felines?
01:28, Mary Lou> I don't know.
01:29, Cryoburner> Well, you're not being very helpful, are you Mary?
01:30, Cryoburner> I suppose we could just wait here. They're bound to move eventually, I think...
04:44, Chad> Mary, did the carriage ever get going?
04:45, Chad> Are the cats asleep still, Mary?
04:45, Chad> Mary, are you there?
04:45, Mary Lou> I'm in a datacenter somewhere between London and Leeds, UK.
04:47, Chad> I thought you where at the estate, Mary.
12:03, Speeder> Oh, you are right! Sorry Alex...
19:11, Barebones> Past midnight in the US, or Saturday morning in Europe:
19:59, Cryoburner whispers: We can watch it explode in realtime! :D
20:22, Speeder> Baah, it will happen in a ankward time here :(
20:22, Speeder> Too late to me not sleep to it, and too early to me wake up early.