May 30, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
05:01, Skinnymon meant: "[You,] feel like at home!"
05:02, Skinnymon whispers: (excuse me for having left for a few hours before seeing my mistake)
05:03, Skinnymon whispers: I'm sorry! What is this, the Felisian Inquisition?
05:03, Skinnymon whispers: Mary Lou?
05:03, Mary Lou> I never apologize, so I fail to understand the meaning of this concept, and what's what?
12:33, Speeder> I just find freefall so funny... Today Sam Starfall teaches a robot how to steal.
15:12, Valorin> I hate to say it, but the easiest way to make better art, as a newbie, is to download photoshop. :/
15:12, Valorin> Did he introduce it as extended borrowing? :P
15:23, Valorin> Ah...I appear to have scratched my tablet screen. It's pretty much the same type of plastic as a CD, right, so any constructive method for one should work for the other...
16:03, Speeder> Valorin, no, he was explaining to the robot the concept of free will... the robot asked something, and Sam replied: "Good, the next reply it take what you want, WITHOUT asking."
20:14, Kristos> Oh Sam Starfall...