June 05, 2012
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00:11, Logicalerror> That'd scare the life out of any dog :P
00:22, Logicalerror whispers: Maybe alex will get this guy to make a human sized version for when he dies...
00:47, Kynreeve whispers: And I highly doubt he will wait for natural causes...
03:11, Chad> Aww, poor cat.
04:52, Raptorjedi> Am I the only one who finds that hilarious?
11:42, Kristos> The catacopter and Logicalerror's comment above both inspired laughter. :)
12:14, 4616599 pops back in.
12:14, 4616599> Oh yes, I read that on io9 too. They included a video. With cows. http://io9.com/5915156/this-quadcopter-is-made-from-a-taxidermied-cat
14:10, Skinnymon whispers: Venust transit webcast http://sunearthday.nasa.gov/2012/transit/webcast.php
14:12, Skinnymon whispers: That is, if you have access to the internitz at that time of day [sigh...]
14:12, Skinnymon whispers: And hello, Neuzd, if you are around to see this.
14:13, Skinnymon meant: neuzd, sorry.
14:14, Skinnymon whispers: Well, unfortunately I have no time to chat. [Scurries off into the underbrush]
15:11, Neuzd> Eh...too early in the night/morning to even check out the webcast :(
15:11, Neuzd> Oh well, I'll wait the 2117 one.
22:08, Albeyamakiir> It was supposed to be cloudy and rainy, today, so I didn't make a pinhole camera, but now it's sunny and clear! >_<