June 16, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
00:23, Neuzd whispers: You realize you're doubting about a discovery by the most experienced explorer in all Feltyrion, don't you?
01:11, Logicalerror whispers: Lord Google says I shall not worship false idols. (Or believe other sources)
14:02, Logicalerror meant: sighs
14:02, Logicalerror> Dangi
14:02, Logicalerror> Wrong command again :P
14:02, Logicalerror sighs
14:02, Logicalerror> Only one character for my Noctis RPG...
14:04, Neuzd> I'm getting to it. It's that didn't know what could count as a skill and I also wanted to add some background.
14:04, Neuzd whispers: +I
14:08, Logicalerror> Just gimme whatever you feel like and I'll tell you what i think
14:09, Logicalerror wonders if Kristos would mind me showing his as an example.
14:25, Neuzd> I went for the "whatever you feel like" option.
16:15, Kristos> If you want characters to slowly discover the talents and weaknesses of the others as the game progresses (which could be cool), then don't show mine.
16:16, Kristos> But if we are going to find out all those details anyway pretty soon then you can show it.
17:36, Logicalerror> Just a few more and we'll have all the players we need.