June 20, 2012
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12:08, Neuzd whispers: It was ravioli. Still pasta, although not pasta asciutta which is not stereotypical at all. It's just mandatory.
12:12, 4616599 runs off to Google
12:15, 4616599 whispers: I've heard of ravioli, but never that second term. It looks like it means 'pasta served on a plate'.
12:15, Neuzd> It's what the world, and actually we too, generally refers to when saying pasta. Spaghetti, maccheroni, etc.
12:16, 4616599> Spaghetti is slowly becoming mandatory for me too. I'm having spaghetti pretty often... well, at least I know a new nifty-sounding way of classifying what I eat now!
12:17, 4616599 declares: Today, I had Chinese Pasta in Brodo!
12:21, Neuzd> I can understand your good intentions and I'll be gentle because of that. But,
12:22, Neuzd> when talking about food, do not use Italian words for something that isn't the real thing. It's an insult.
12:22, Neuzd> For instance Pizza? You can eat that only inside the Italian borders, everywhere else it's a round shaped meal. :P
12:24, Neuzd whispers: And I don't mean to say that chinese food isn't good, I love that.
12:39, 4616599> Apologies! I'll need to take back all my 'I had Chinese pasta for lunch'-style remarks to people in the past. :P
12:40, 4616599 whispers: reminds me of someone talking about having pizza with pickles during one of the previous Alex visits...
15:01, Chad> Eww
15:05, Logicalerror whispers: Why ewwww? Pizza is awesome.
15:24, Chad> I enjoy pizza. Just not with pickles. That's for samichs!
15:51, Logicalerror> I enjoy pizza too. Especially with more pizza.
16:14, Logicalerror whispers: All my pizza is gone :C
17:52, Logicalerror whispers: I told myself only one cat video... then i upped it to two... now its on ten.
19:49, Kynreeve whispers: I'm watching Mr.Bean series, all of them. :D