June 22, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
00:01, Lightning4 whispers: let's just say it can be measured in years. well, one year.
02:08, Logicalerror> O.O
02:42, Kristos> wow
02:46, Raptorjedi> Mine is probably around the same
02:47, Kristos> I've never played WoW but it must be at least slightly addictive.
02:50, Raptorjedi> Not for me it wasn't. Isn't. I haven't played in a while
02:50, Kristos> Then why did you play so much?
02:52, Raptorjedi> Because it was fun? Is. But I didn't play continuously. You also have to remember, it's been out for seven years now.
02:53, Raptorjedi> And I've maybe played for a year, tops
02:53, Kristos> Oh, okay.
02:54, Raptorjedi> Actually, wow
02:54, Raptorjedi> WAY less than a year
02:55, Raptorjedi> 100 days according to /played, but including other characters I have, probably closer to 150-200 days
02:58, Raptorjedi> I'll be honest, I was expecting more :3=
02:59, Kristos> Well it is infinitely larger than my number.
02:59, Kristos> XD
12:41, Logicalerror> THere are some games I just never got into. WoW being one of them.
14:04, E_net4> Oh please. "Just some"? :P
18:19, Logicalerror> Many, I suppose. I never liked the way MMO's intentionally slowed progression to make you waste more time.
18:27, Lightning4> I didn't play continuously either really. And yeah, this is spread out over um... 7 years.
18:28, Lightning4 whispers: still translates to nearly 4 hours a day for those 7 years... :P
18:39, Logicalerror> Could be worse.
20:59, Logicalerror is sad because so few people have sent characters for the Noctis RPG.
22:46, Logicalerror> :'(