June 25, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
09:35, E_net4> ...
11:06, Kynreeve whispers: ...Euro 2012 "Italy moves on to semi-finals after penalty kick shootout victory over England (2-4)".
11:09, E_net4> Suuuure thing.
11:09, E_net4> ...Good for you.
11:12, Kynreeve> What?
11:13, E_net4> What what? Am I really supposed to go excited?
11:16, Kynreeve> It hasn't anything to do with you. As always.
11:18, E_net4> It does have, however: There's a chance for Italy to face Portugal.
11:19, E_net4> In the finals.
11:24, Kynreeve> Now it makes sense. For a moment I though you have no interest in the subject.
11:27, Kynreeve> Well, Germany is a serious opponent, so the chance is slight. But remembering FIFA '06 semifinals, anything could happen.
11:31, E_net4> Indeed. And Portugal - Spain is going to be tough as well.
11:32, Kynreeve> Yes, I was going to say that.
13:40, Logicalerror> Go watch the wholesome MURRICAN FUTBAL!!! Much more headbashing than Football.
14:27, E_net4> What?
14:42, Kristos> I don't care much for American football, but it's much better than baseball IMO.
14:44, E_net4> I still laugh at the fact they're calling it "football".
15:40, Raptorjedi> I laugh at people who watch either form of football
15:42, E_net4> Aww, you're so cute. I actually don't watch football, but almost no other portuguese person can stand without it.
15:49, Kynreeve> I watch championships only.
20:44, Kristos> I don't often watch sports, but I love to play them.
20:45, Kristos> I've always thought of American "football" as a misnomer as well. The main purpose of their feet is to run.
20:46, Kristos> I think they should call it Crash 'N Smash: The Game of the Prolate Spheroid.