July 03, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
04:26, Albeyamakiir> Only if carefully temperature controlled. Half a degree either way, and bye-bye working brain.
04:58, Cryoburner> Yes, it's much too easy to completely ruin the flavor and texture.
07:42, Barebones> I told you not to skin it before freezing it.
14:33, Kristos> Hello less frequent visitors!
18:29, Chad> Hola!
20:20, Kristos> ?Como esta usted? (don't feel like going on a hunt for accented, up-side-down, or otherwise mutilated characters. :P)
22:06, Albeyamakiir whispers: English doesn't, so why should anyone else?
22:42, Logicalerror> I hate romantic languages, and the Latin Alphabet.
22:43, Logicalerror> If it were up to me, latin root words in English would be replaced with germanic root ones and the latin alphabet replaced with runes.
22:43, Selbio whispers: I hope Logicalerror never reads about proto-Indo-European
22:44, Logicalerror> I know about it.
22:44, Selbio> Stop that, that ruins the joke
22:44, Selbio> :P
22:44, Logicalerror> K
22:44, Selbio> Stop knowing things without my permission! :P
22:45, Logicalerror hasn't had his anger managing dose of "Carmageddon" run via DOSbox.
23:25, Kristos> But "Noctis" is Latin!
23:38, Logicalerror> It's also from a country speaking a language traditionally considered Romantic...
23:39, Logicalerror> I just don't like Romantic roots in mai english.
23:41, Logicalerror> It's irrational, but true.