July 06, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
00:16, Logicalerror> So often i send this message to my steam "friends"; 'Who are you?'
00:17, Selbio whispers: Logicalerror's increasing dementia takes its toll on all of us
04:51, Skinnymon whispers: 4.6M: that "Grid" video really DOES resemble how I originally thought the Grid worked. (As near as my explorations could tell.)
04:52, Skinnymon whispers: But later research [Praise Be! to the Department Of Astrocartography] seems to indicate a slightly different "intelligent design" (or whatever...)
04:52, Skinnymon whispers: Certainly not quite as precisely regular mathematically, as my three cells recall...
04:53, Skinnymon whispers: :HardlyWorking
06:39, Valorin> Jedi, that made me laugh harder than it had any right to. (refering to the june 30th log)
13:10, Speeder> Sorry L4, but I could not resist having some fun with your paranoia post :P