July 23, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
01:38, Logicalerror> Where do all the new members come from, Mary Lou?
01:38, Mary Lou> Would you like to create All the new members or Search for All the new members in Uncyclopedia?
04:18, Cryoburner whispers: What is that supposed to be, Mary? -_-
04:18, Mary Lou> Actually, you've been asking where, not what.
04:21, Cryoburner whispers: -_-
04:22, Cryoburner> Mary, where do ponies come from?
04:22, Mary Lou> The word "pony" derives from the old French poulenet, meaning foal, a young, immature horse, but this is not the modern meaning; unlike a horse foal, a pony remains small when fully grown.
15:58, Nexusdi> hello
16:11, Neuzd> Hi
16:12, Neuzd whispers: Even if you appear to have closed the chat frame...:P
16:37, Nexusdi> do u know the address i need for this to show in NoctisMapper? my ini needs link data
16:38, Nexusdi> i managed to get the shortcut to open the mapper for me thats rare
16:38, Nexusdi> im no programmer
16:43, Neuzd> You mean this chat frame? That doesn't work anymore.
16:44, Nexusdi> does the starmap still work? says cannot connect to server i have no stars yet
16:46, Neuzd> Mmmh, not sure what you mean, anyway what's really important is a file called starmap2.bin
16:47, Neuzd> There's an updated copy here, although it's not 100% up to date with the starmap (it takes very long to produce it and I've been slacking recently...)
16:49, Neuzd> Sorry, "here" means cd/zips/Neuzd/starmap2.zip Do you know how to use the cdisk?
16:51, Nexusdi> i just installed NIV it said the latest inbox was auto included i dont have an inbox yet
16:51, Nexusdi> i just got the stars to show in mapper yay
16:52, Nexusdi> i dint know what cdisk is
16:52, Nexusdi> yet
16:52, Neuzd> Don't worry about that, an "inbox" is a file used to update one's starmap with submissions by other explorers.
16:54, Neuzd> When you have downloaded the starmap2, put it in the "bin" directory of your NIV installation.
16:55, Neuzd> Now open the ini file of NoctisMapper and modify the line about the path of Noctis installation, with your actual NIV path.
16:56, Neuzd whispers: Noctis doesn't need starmap2, but it's wise to have it there...and besides, some custom Noctis modules do in fact read starmap2, too.
16:58, Neuzd> Wait...the directory in Noctis is called "data", not "bin". Sorry for that.
16:59, Nexusdi> i have a starmap 2 that came with NoctisMapper i dont see a link for another one yet
17:01, Neuzd> Here's the direct link to the updated starmap2. http://anynowhere.com/bb/cdisk.php?dnl=cd/zips/zIkioMs3Xc6exN5eg81.zip
17:07, Neuzd> My suggestion is to put it in the "data" folder of NIV. NoctisMapper.ini file has a line starting "basedir=". Write your NIV path there.
17:10, Neuzd> Don't worry about all the other settings in the ini file, in particular those with URLs. Some services have new URLs, but you don't need them right now.
17:11, Neuzd> If a message shows up, just ignore it, and have NoctisMapper work for first. Once you're familiar with it, you can look into some additional stuff it can do.
17:17, Nexusdi> i think its working i see lots of stars tyvm for new starmap
17:19, Nexusdi> GPS lol
17:22, Neuzd> Just be aware that the Y axis is reversed in NoctisMapper!
17:23, Neuzd whispers: Actually, as stupid as it sounds, it's Noctis that's reversed, but don't think about that. Just know that what's -Y on the mapper is +Y in Noctis, and vice versa.
17:30, Nexusdi> thanks
17:30, Nexusdi> i found me lol
17:31, Neuzd> I should generate a new starmap2 that icludes the latest submissions, but it takes days to extract the data, and I rarely boot my windows partition.
17:32, Nexusdi> i dont have much data but maybe i should upload an outbox to find the ones ive named so far lol
17:33, Nexusdi> im trying to get back to a system by parsis but couldnt find the star or planets lol
17:33, Neuzd> Well, I suggest you don't. It willbe a loooooong time before a new starmap updates comes out.
17:33, Nexusdi> maybe i wiped them out in GOES replacing records
17:35, Neuzd> You mean you're trying to find those on NoctisMapper? Because you won't.
17:36, Nexusdi> no in Noctis i need to go back to a system i named some objects in and put them in goes
17:37, Nexusdi> i swear those big rabbits with no ears look like Felysians
17:37, Neuzd> Well, if you didn't travel far too away, just use the ST module.
17:38, Neuzd> To check if youžre still in range type "PAR [name of the system]". if you get a response, you can safely use "ST [name of the system]" todirectly travel there.
17:39, Neuzd> And, no, those aren't felysian at all. The "unofficial official" name for them is "hoppers".
17:41, Nexusdi> ive searched targets in range, remote targets, i forget what ST is at the moment im still kinda ne
17:42, Neuzd> Don'tworry, using modules the right way is a "sign of experience" :P
17:44, Neuzd> ST means "set target". And as I sayed before, use the "PAR" module to know if you're still in range. If you're not...well, either you wrote down the parsis coordinates, or you're basicly screwed.
17:44, Neuzd> By the way, you can still add notes to the GUIDE, just by knowing the name of the object you want to write about, even if you're at the opposite side of the galaxy.
17:46, Neuzd> Sure is that writing stuff down by having a fresh memory of what you just see, is a lot more useful for future explorers.
17:46, Neuzd meant: saw
18:06, Nexusdi> theres jps of towns and higher res planets, another game?
18:06, Neuzd> For sure. Where are those pics?
18:08, Nexusdi> community under jpgs
18:12, Neuzd> Yeah, there's a storage space called the community disk (cdisk), where any users can upload what they want.
18:14, Neuzd whispers: with moderation and conscience, of course.
18:48, Neuzd whispers: Nexusdi, the image you're watching isn't from an obeject in the official starmap.
18:48, Neuzd whispers: ...and sorry for the stalking...
19:06, Nexusdi> which image? ive been jumping around in the folders
19:06, Nexusdi> found a starways, thats another game like this?
19:07, Neuzd> The image I was talking about was a panoramic view of a kind of wall, greenish in tone, about a planet called "the ruined planet" orbiting "ruination".
19:08, Neuzd> But those objects do not exist in the starmap, so it either was from NICE or from a not-up-to-date starmap.
19:09, Neuzd> Stairways can be considered similar to Noctis in "feeling". but it's a different thing, give it a watch, it's strange and "mystical".
19:10, Neuzd whispers: Starways. What a clumsy typo.
21:11, Barebones> beautiful time-lapse video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONaPq2L-MRg