August 06, 2012
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01:10, Barebones> That's actually the battery powering the European economy. The fishes are backup food, in case the battery runs out.
04:59, Cryoburner> Curiosity should be landing within the next half hour.
05:01, Cryoburner> The livestreams can be viewed here...
05:32, Cryoburner whispers: And it landed. :3
05:35, Cryoburner whispers: And they have a blurry thumbnail image already.
06:05, Barebones> Beyond awesome. Thanks for the link, Cryo, NASA TV was a bit sluggish but the Wired one worked nicely for em.
06:05, Neuzd> There you are, even if you don't have the chat frame open, good Mars to you Skinnymon.
06:06, Cryoburner> Yeah, I noticed the NASA feed had a notable delay compared to the UStream one.
06:07, Cryoburner whispers: Plus, I think the NASA site eventually went down. :P
06:08, Barebones whispers: Good that NASA has that much interests from the public.
06:09, Neuzd whispers: I followed all the thing on without any problem. Live feed, pictures, all the awesome stuff, peanuts included.
06:16, Skinnymon whispers: Ah yes neuzd. Damn thin atmo world: expected the probe to be EATEN like peanuts. At least it seems to work.
06:18, Barebones> News conference starting.
06:23, Neuzd> Skimmed through the document Skinnymon, but I need some sleep now. It's almost 8:30am and I've been up to follow the landing.
06:25, Skinnymon whispers: No rush. Just a few observations from a poor soul with delusions of adequacy... (but worth mentioning methought)
06:26, Skinnymon whispers: I'm only here for my midnight lurk anyway... (OK 23:30)
06:26, Skinnymon> :D
06:27, Neuzd whispers: As always, your experience is priceless for the objective of pursuing knowledge. Bye!
06:33, Cryoburner whispers: They're going to suffer hand injuries from all those high fives. <_<
06:33, Skinnymon whispers: The tunnel sofa Barebones mentioned is good, but me like: ay-the-fur-be-with-you/
06:34, Skinnymon whispers: (sans low-yield fationic cannon, of course)
06:36, Skinnymon whispers: And don't worry Cryo, they have plenty of flexibility from patting themselves on the back...
06:37, Skinnymon goes back to the underbrush yet again...
07:20, Barebones> The Star Wars cat toy: if you ever wondered how the Millenium Falcon smelled with Chewbacca inside, now you can know. :)
16:25, 4616599> MRO has done it again!
16:31, Barebones> Beyond awesome
16:43, 4616599 whispers: Embiggened pic here from the Bad Astronomy blog!
16:43, 4616599 whispers: ymzrOTUg/w640-h480/1867437.gif I personally got 'involved' by drawing and literally stapling together a Curiosity Skycrane mobile while watching the landing- it's the first almost-live landing I've watched and something I'm not likely to forget!
16:49, Neuzd> So is that your mug? :)