August 17, 2012
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13:13, Logicalerror> Hello, sorry I haven't been on in a while, but I was playing Noctis and i started to float then fell back to the ground. Is that bad?
13:14, Logicalerror> I think it was immediately after getting out of the drop pod thingy (Can't remember its name)
13:29, Neuzd> Hey Yayo, I got the book today, will start reading it later :D
14:29, Yayo> yay! :D
14:33, Yayo> enjoy it. I'll wait for a full review! :d
14:36, Yayo whispers: :|
14:36, Neuzd> It will probably be more like impressions rather than a real review. I can't write reviews.
14:37, Yayo> well, whatever it'll be. :P
14:37, Yayo> :)
14:38, Yayo whispers: just remember it's a 1st edition, so disregard possible little mistakes and typos.. :P
16:01, Neuzd whispers: Found a minor typo. This book is so unprofessional! :P
16:09, Yayo whispers: dehehe!! xD
16:10, Neuzd> Should I take notes like I did with the short piece you sent me months ago?
16:12, Neuzd> I'm doing it, but there could be times when it may disrupt the immersion or I'm unable to take notes. But I'm willing to do it, since you probably don't have an editor who can help you...
16:13, Yayo> just take note of big errors, if you want. don't get distracted by typos and little stuff... enjoy the book. ;)
16:14, Neuzd> I'll try, but I admit the the specific dedication kind of forces me to help you the most I can :)
16:15, Yayo> don't waste time, just big stuff, like possible "logical errors" in the story and such... ^^
16:16, Yayo whispers: there sould be none, but... meh! :P
16:24, Neuzd> Well, there's that part about that Smeagol guy, who looks for "his precious" that I don't get where it comes from...
16:25, Neuzd whispers: Groceries buying time, see you later.
16:26, Yayo> xD
23:43, Mary Lou> Welcoming a new member: "Peek".