August 18, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
00:05, Yayo whispers: didn't we already get a peek in the past?
00:14, Neuzd whispers: Two times. I'm pretty sure it's him again also this time, just creating the account after it got purged for inactivity.
00:45, Cryoburner whispers: Peek needs to make a post, so his account doesn't keep getting pruned. :P
06:26, Kristos whispers: At least his neural network isn't being pruned...
16:13, Logicalerror> Is the person who made "The Galactic Odyssey" still around?
16:32, Neuzd> Postline says "absent, since a year or more".
16:32, Logicalerror> Heh, just looked same thing up myself, I'm so damn lazy sometimes
16:34, Neuzd> Of all the stuff I heard based on Noctis, I still think the only piece that really gets it is Ryan's Noctis Midi Theme (personal opinion, of course).
16:39, Logicalerror> I agree that Ryan's suits it best, but I like listening to The Galactic Odyssey for its unique qualities (Usually before I've had my morning green tea)
16:41, Logicalerror> I should probably buy Proteus...
16:44, Logicalerror> But you can't catch the fliers in that as far as I've seen.
16:44, Neuzd> I keep forgetting to check the development status of that. Probably because it's Windows only :|
16:45, Logicalerror> Allegedly he's gonna port it, which'll be nice.
16:47, Logicalerror> UGH, all I ate yesterday was some oatmeal, and then curry for dinner... The curry was not a good idea and I'm regretting it today.
16:58, Logicalerror> :\
17:03, Neuzd> I swear I read "catmeal" and went "OK for Felisian roleplay in real life, but isn't this too much?". I'm sorry.
17:08, Logicalerror> Mmmmmmmmm, now that you mention it, i should go pop open my cat's food bag, maybe to put some in his bowl, maybe for mine.
17:08, Logicalerror> Besides, catmeal sounds like it
17:09, Logicalerror> s made out of cats
17:14, Logicalerror> Good thing I'm all out of Oats, because I don't think I want to eat any more oatmeal :3
17:36, Logicalerror> awww yeah... I found my game boy color, time for some retro action
17:42, Selbio> I um
17:42, Selbio> Imagined you just immediately stuffing it down your pants :|
17:45, Neuzd> That's gross! You're supposed to passionately kiss gameboys before going that way.