August 29, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
01:06, Speeder> I called the BLUE suggestion outrageous and stupid ;)
01:06, Speeder> Since noone would ever doubt Friend Computer hehe ;)
20:11, Kristos> FC is GAMMA RAY clearance. :P
20:15, Lightning4 whispers: Please report to a confession booth immediately, as suggesting that GAMMA clearance both exists and that you know that exists is high treason. Have a good day.
23:26, Kristos> The chat frame is OOC so it doesn't count. I hope. Grin.
23:42, Speeder> I wonder when Gligar will do a termination that leaves smoking boots... I know it is a more "zap" thing but it is so cool:
23:42, Speeder> Yes, that is the cover of the book that Gligar is probably using :) No, you are not supposed to read it, it is treason!
23:43, Speeder> I own this one: but I have no idea where my copy is (and I am not supposed to read it anyway ;) Like I said, treason!)