September 08, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
04:48, Skinnymon whispers: Cryo said "NEWS"... we already knew that a looooong time ago.....
04:48, Skinnymon whispers: [J/K Serpens!]
04:50, Skinnymon meant: three brain cells are not working well...
04:50, Skinnymon meant: It was a kind of typo...
04:51, Skinnymon meant: THAT is not NEWS, either!
17:00, Chad> LOVE, The crazy MMO from awhile ago is now Free:
18:35, Neuzd> That is very nice of him. The game has too much emphasis on social interaction for me to get involved.
18:37, Neuzd> And when nothing was known about the game, I really hoped it was not going to be an action oriented game.