September 10, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
13:00, Speeder> woohoooo hoho hoho
17:15, Ryan> Just released Afterlife 3! :)
19:35, Cryoburner whispers: It was in development? <_<
20:14, Ryan> Ha, for almost three years. One of the things keeping me a little quiet recently. :P
20:15, Ryan> (I did announce it in 2009, to be fair...)
20:16, Neuzd> I'm surely gonna try it tomorrow :D I'm too tired right now and just kinda zombieing my way through the evening.
20:16, Ryan> And you actually posted in the thread then, Cryo! :P
20:16, Ryan>
20:18, Neuzd whispers: That's also the reason why I really don't feel answering your email now...can't focus on anything that requires more than 0.001% of my energy.
20:19, Neuzd whispers: Valid also for yayo, I finished the book, but I'm not able to put more than 10 words together, right now.
20:22, Ryan> /whisper No problem. :)
20:22, Ryan> Ha, that's not the command I was looking for. :P
20:23, Kristos> It's like this: # No problem. :)
20:23, Ryan> Yep, thanks. Been a while. :)
20:24, Kristos> No problem. :)
21:33, Chad whispers: >_>