September 15, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
00:14, Cryoburner whispers: From the sound of it, they left out the entire Xen portion of the game for this release though, so it's technically not "finished". >_>
01:17, Cryoburner whispers: Also, I tried extracting the archives from ModDB, only to find both parts broken. Redownloading from Fileshack now. :\
02:06, Raptorjedi> The fact that it's not finished and they've had around six years to do so is disappointing :3=
02:07, Cryoburner whispers: Actually, it's over 7 years now. :P
02:12, Cryoburner> I guess Half-Life without Xen could still be considered a mostly complete game though.
02:15, Cryoburner> Though Xen was something of a surprise end-game in the original title. I'm not sure how well it will stand on its own when released separately.
15:20, 4616599 looks at the old Heinz 57 catalogue and is surprised to see only one entry for ketchup!