September 22, 2012
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00:04, Albeyamakiir> Cosmic Laika, I mean. Not sending a dog into space. :P
00:04, Cryoburner whispers: And then they ate him.
00:05, Cryoburner meant: her
00:05, Albeyamakiir whispers: Well, they did cook her first...
00:07, Albeyamakiir meant: Cosmos >_<
00:07, Albeyamakiir> Sorry. :P
00:09, Cryoburner whispers: That's a rather red post...
00:30, Gligar> Important OOC post or rant posted.
00:31, Gligar> ...if it is readale...
07:09, Mary Lou> Welcoming a new member: "Misfire_33".
07:10, Misfire_33> Uhhh... Can I get Noctis in 64-bit?
08:38, Kynreeve whispers: Akh, cosmos laika borsch! Brings back a lot of childhood memories..
18:14, Misfire_33> I'm very confused.
19:03, Neuzd> Hi Misfire, have a look at this thread There could be other solutions, try those for now.
23:05, Misfire_33> Thank you, sir!