October 04, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
06:18, Albeyamakiir> Use these at the start of a line: /me to do an action, # to whisper, ! to yell.
06:19, Albeyamakiir whispers: Try not to yell
06:19, Albeyamakiir> And * to make a correction.
06:19, Albeyamakiir> I think that's it...
06:20, Albeyamakiir> Of course, these will have scrolled off the top before they see them.
06:20, Albeyamakiir> Because we're such a talkative bunch. :P
06:21, Albeyamakiir knocks the first line of instructions off.
13:37, Puck> Haha, I found that info but now that you mention that I don't see the chat history option any more.
13:38, Puck> Or the option to put the chat frame below.. :|
13:39, Neuzd> It's "logs"
13:58, Puck> Ah, thanks! :)
15:38, Kristos> Puck, you should join my team in Paranoia.
15:38, Kristos> :)
15:41, Puck> I would love to, but unfortunately I never really liked Paranoia. :)
15:42, Puck> Greate work on your digital music by the way. If you can get a good workflow going you would be very welcome on the gamedev.net classifieds board. :)
15:42, Puck meant: Great
15:42, Kristos> Thanks! I don't really have much time to pour into it though.
15:43, Puck> Ah, I certainly know how that is.
15:43, Kristos> Do you like any roleplay?
15:43, Puck> Absolutely. I used to play pen and paper RPGs all the time.
15:44, Puck> I still have a soft spot for them, but they're time consuming and it's hard to find a group to play with.
15:44, Kristos> Yeah.
15:45, Kristos> I'm thinking about trying to start another roleplay on this forum. (again)
15:45, Puck> I would participate if I can. :)
15:46, Kristos> So... ideas... Heavily based on stats or more freeform?
15:47, Kristos> I'd favor really freeform. May try to start the "Dryff" thing I started before, again.
15:47, Puck> I like anywhere from mid field to freeform. GURPS and RISUS are fine, but no D20 please. :P
15:47, Kristos> It's basically bird creatures in a more natural type world setting, no real plot determined.
15:48, Kristos> When I'm the GM, I prefer to make it all up myself. The setting. The rules. All of it. :P
15:49, Kristos> Though I draw inspiration from existing role playing systems, for sure.
15:49, Puck> Mmm.. The problem with that is that without direction it's exceptionally difficult to capture and keep players.
15:49, Puck> Don't do that. :P
15:50, Puck> Trust me, I've been down that road far enough to tell you that it's better to leave the system design to someone who does only that.
15:50, Puck> You can tweak an existing system a little if you like, but don't try to start from scratch, it's not worth it.
15:51, Kristos> What is the best way to learn how to do system design?
15:51, Kristos> From scratch. :P
15:51, Kristos> I take what you say as a challenge because I'm that type of person. Now I am more determined than I was before.
15:53, Kristos> I might lose players. I might fail many times. But it's the best way to learn.
15:54, Puck> Well, the prerequisites are a good mathematical mind and a good understanding of probability. From there, as with anything, you need an idea to start with e.g. RISUS is intended to be almost a party game, very non-commital and requires only the bare minimum of supplies.
15:54, Puck> Then you set forth a few rules and prototype the system. Make some calculations, roll some dice, see what happens.
15:55, Kristos> Probability is actually something I'm a bit obsessed with. But I've been developing two systems: One heavily based on stats, another without any stats.
15:56, Kristos> When I get either system complete enough I'll probably start a roleplay going somewhere.
15:56, Puck> Something I found useful was to create little scripts that run a rule or set of rules through "stress tests" that try your calculations against a large number of psuedo random numbers and add up useful statistics for you to look at.
15:56, Raptorjedi> Hey Puck
15:58, Puck> For example, if you create a rule that says a player has to roll x or greater on a die to connect with an attack, create a script that tests the rule against different values of x and tells you thigns like the longest run of random numbers that failed to beat x in a row.
15:58, Puck> 'LoRJ :3
16:01, Puck> Anyway, if you really must be a system designer, focus on that and let someone else GM. :P
16:01, Puck> Otherwise you won't have any players.
16:03, Kristos> I'm gonna try to prove you wrong. Eventually. :)
16:04, Puck> I would be happy if you could, but all I have to say to you is good luck sir.
16:07, Kristos> Umm... thanks. Grin.
16:08, Kristos> I am in graduate school studying to get a PhD. I keep telling myself that I can't do it but I'm also determined to prove myself wrong.
16:14, Puck> That's actually a good thing. You won't ever accomplish anything if you don't try. :)
16:17, Kristos> Well, I try a lot and I do a lot but this PhD thing is pushing me to my limits. It's definitely possible that I won't be able to complete it but I will certainly try. :)
18:41, Chaszrak is completely lost in the conversation, but looks back at the logs and thanks Albeyamakiir for the tips.
22:12, Albeyamakiir> You are most welcome. :)