October 10, 2012
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
16:39, Barebones> Seen: http://backup-na.robertsspaceindustries.com
19:48, Cryoburner> That looks rather cool, though I've never really been a fan of these "Pay us, and we might make a serviceable game for you" business models.
19:49, Cryoburner whispers: Also, are they really going with the name "Star Citizen"? Ew...
20:03, Neuzd> I'm skeptic of it being anything else than a space combat game.
20:09, Cryoburner whispers: It will be a citizen combat game. :3
20:10, Cryoburner whispers: Most players will get lost on the kilometer-sized carrier, and never find their ship. They will fight eachother with space wrenches.