February 16, 2014
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
16:50, Mary Lou> Hey staff people, you have mail!
16:58, Jam whispers: What if we want to send mail to Mary Lou?
16:59, Jam> Mary Lou, do you want us to send you letters?
17:47, Kristos whispers: Yes, cats love to shred paper, yes they do.
18:25, Neuzd> It looks that the outbox that has been sent with that message is empty.
18:26, Neuzd> Don't know if you, the sender, are watching this. Since I have no way to contact you, either register or write again including an email.
20:41, Skinnymon whispers: I read that one, myself and it seems the sender is making a reference to NICE, which in its way is OK, I suppose, but as the three cells remind me there is no outbox for NICE.
20:43, Skinnymon whispers: {Besides the fact NICE planet surfaces remind me of George Herriman's work...] :b