February 19, 2014
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19:41, Kynreeve> Ukraine... Why? What the fuck is wrong with this world? All these bandera fascist shitheads storming city halls now, EU threatening Ukraine government with sanctions, all that fucking lgbt liberalism crap around Sochi Olympis. Why won't they leave our countries alone? Everywhere they step there are flames.
19:50, Neuzd> Is this chat really the appropriate place for such outbursts? With that kind language, also?
20:45, Speeder> Kynreeve "they" who?
23:47, Kynreeve> USA, Speeder. And I was wrong about EU, couple hours ago USA directly applied sanctions against Ukrainian officials. USA president is threateining more if Ukraine tries to react accordingly to what now is a civil war. How fair is that
23:52, Kynreeve> A conflict where ukranian police wasn't using firearms against the so-called "opposition", up until yesterday they suffered casualties (9 policemen) from FIREARMS. Opposition uses firearms. And now the government threatened by USA hesitates to act. Terrorists continue to shoot and burn police, capture buildins, and officials can't do NOTHING.