February 20, 2014
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00:03, Kynreeve> Excuse my language. I have friends in Ukraine, I lived there, and now all I can do is watch news, and hope it's not meant to be "Libya-2" on USA strategic maps...
01:15, Speeder> I see... It makes sense your first phrase. Also, I believe Ukraine is likely to end split into several countries (the "west" that was part of Poland until 1939 already asked independence, and Crimea parliament is preparing to vote to declare themselves a state of Russia)
06:52, Skinnymon whispers: While all these poltical machinations may seem frustrating to you Kynreeve, frankly all the USA and EU are doing is making it "look like we are doing something (rather than being as impotent as we are)"
06:57, Skinnymon whispers: But really, neuzd was right. Most of members of forum are about as apolitical as the penguins in Antarctica. This nonchat not a place for serious political discussion.
07:02, Skinnymon whispers: Not to say your concerns are unimportant. But please, not up here. OK? :}
10:58, Speeder> I guess Skinnymon missed those leaked US ambassador conversations :P (where the US is openly discussing who they should put as Ukraine president...)
15:58, Kynreeve> Skinnymon, OK.
20:03, Kristos whispers: It doesn't seem to be a very black-and-white issue, the protesters and the gov't.
22:12, Kynreeve whispers: US ten-year project in Ukraine made sure it wasn't.
22:15, Kynreeve whispers: Oh, right, being apolitical. Such luxury now. But I must follow my word.
22:15, Mary Lou> Farewell to "Kynreeve", leaving on intention.