February 21, 2014
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00:28, Raptorjedi> Allow me to say that I disagree. Kynreeve was not int he wrong or anything for talking about politics. He could have talked about it more calmly, but the conversation itself wasn't wrong.
00:28, Raptorjedi meant: in the
02:47, Kristos> I second that.
06:16, Jam also agrees.
07:53, Skinnymon whispers: Well. I did NOT say 'Shut Up And Keep Your Opinions To Yourself!' I merely said, "please, not up here. OK?"
08:01, Skinnymon whispers: I did not say his opinions needed to be censored, or that he was 'wrong' to express his frustrations.
08:05, Skinnymon whispers: But, to use your word, RJ, "calmly" did not seem to be what he wanted in response. [Hence, my "apolitical" comment.]
08:31, Skinnymon whispers: Since he misused what I said to take his final shot, I certainly did not give him the proper response, I guess. What is apolitical, Mary Lou?
08:31, Mary Lou> Weren't you confirming something?
08:31, Skinnymon whispers: That's right, Mary Lou.
08:31, Mary Lou> Thanks for reckoning it.
08:34, Skinnymon whispers: Oh, and BTW, I would REALLY not care to be involved in the political discussion. Taking my own advice here. But if you want, start a thread...that's what "Whatever" is for.
08:39, Skinnymon whispers: [And no, I AM sorry Kynreeve chose to resign. I did not intend to offend him, I was trying very hard NOT to be strict with him. I did say "please."]
10:27, Neuzd> I'm very sorry all of this is really happening. But the attitude of Kynreeve is not justifiable.
10:28, Neuzd> If resigning was his reaction to a very educated call to moderation, what would have happened if someone had to disagree with his political analysss, and expressed it with his same level of "passion"?
10:47, Serpens> He would probably stay and discuss with that person.
10:48, Serpens> From Kynreeve's current perspective, "being apolitical" likely means "an excuse for doing nothing while the world around is burning"
10:50, Serpens> I don't live in Ukraine, but close enough to feel ashamed about my usual apathy
10:52, Neuzd> Well, I wasn't really questioning what he would have personally done, I meant to point out that the discussion was likely to be born already inflamed.
10:52, Neuzd> And that's not something smart to be done in a public forums' public chat.
10:55, Serpens> I guess he interpreted Skinnymon's "not up here" as "not in this community"
20:23, Mary Lou> Welcoming a new member: "Frank49".
21:23, Kristos> Kynreeve's reaction was unwarranted, but emotions do that. I've had my fair share of emotional turmoil...