March 02, 2014
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02:11, Cryoburner whispers: Just had my best Nethack run yet, then died from choking on a tiger.
02:16, Cryoburner whispers: It probably wasn't a great idea to eat that tiger right after consuming an entire boulder that was transformed into meat. >_>
14:47, Speeder> I suck at Nethack, after years playing that thing, my record is still level 6 (I think where there is a Oracle). And I died to a demon that somehow was there (I was playing a variation of Nethack that I forgot the name)
14:49, Speeder> Yes, I was playing Slash'EM
14:51, Neuzd> I suck too, Though my deepest level reached is 12.
14:52, Neuzd> I save all my runs:
14:52, Neuzd whispers: by chron and points
17:19, E_net4> Foundations.