March 03, 2014
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
00:54, Cryoburner> Yes, I saw your records Neuzd. My high score on that run beat yours, even if I killed myself by over-eating. :P
01:03, Neuzd whispers: Death by over-eating. I miss that, gotta try it someday. Eventually without knowing what I'm doing, like 98% of the time spent playing Nethack.
01:04, Cryoburner> I had 23,764 points. (Pri Hum Fem Law Farah, choked on a tiger corpse)
01:05, Cryoburner whispers: I was also at full health, and had a ton of wands. :P
01:09, Neuzd> I find it especially funny when I die by the hands of one of my previous characters. Or even better, by the paws of a familiar, like Dr Morte
01:09, Cryoburner> I got down to level 9, but had also worked my way all the way up through those 'puzzle caverns' that involved pushing rocks into holes to proceed.
01:10, Cryoburner whispers: I'm not sure what that area is called.
01:11, Neuzd> Puzzle caverns.
01:12, Cryoburner whispers: I don't think that's what they're called. :P
01:14, Neuzd> :P They're called Sokoban, because Sokoban is that kind of puzzle.
01:14, Cryoburner whispers: Yeah, I just looked that up. :P
01:15, Neuzd whispers: But I looked it up fastah!
01:17, Cryoburner whispers: I've actually been playing the NetHackDS homebrew port, whith a graphical frontend so I don't have to look at letters and can tap on commands. >_>
01:19, Neuzd whispers: I like letters. They make up for a big part in written communication.
01:22, Neuzd> The tileset looks to be the "traditional" one. Or is it different?
01:24, Cryoburner> I think it's just the standard one.
01:27, Cryoburner> It looks like this, pretty much... kds
01:30, Cryoburner> The official site of the port has some images of the other screens, if you scroll down the page...
01:32, Cryoburner whispers: It's also possible to enter commands via onscreen keyboard by default, but that would probably be rather unwieldy with a stylus. :P
01:34, Neuzd> That's very cool. I'm not much about hacking my DS though.
01:38, Cryoburner> It's pretty easy to play homebrew on a DS with an inexpensive flash card, and shouldn't require modifying the system itself.
01:40, Neuzd> A DSi though, the previous ones didn't have a flashcard port. Or you mean also a 3DS?
01:42, Cryoburner> Oh, no, the flash cartridges are like DS cartridge, but have their own microSD slot for accessing custom firmware, homebrew and so on.
01:44, Cryoburner> With the cartridge removed, the handheld will behave like it always has.
01:45, Neuzd> That's nice. I think I'll be playing some Nethack in the next days. But still on the computer.
01:46, Neuzd> Gotta get some sleep, it's almost 3 over here.
01:46, Cryoburner> The cartridges can be pretty inexpensive, but will probably have to e ordered online from another country.
01:48, Cryoburner> Mine is an Acecard 2, that I think was under $10 when I ordered it several years ago.
01:49, Cryoburner whispers: Not counting the MicroSD, but you may have a spare one of those already, and they're pretty inexpensive too.
01:55, Neuzd> Found it at about 17. Meh, I'd rather buy this: (spoiler: 100% not related)