March 05, 2014
AnyNowhere — daily chat log — back (to logs index)
00:03, Neuzd> I don't know. I was trying to read a book, and I probably didn't succeed because nothing happened.
00:04, Neuzd> Then the message line said, "You notice all your gold has vanished", and the dwarf used a couple, or probably even 3 magic missiles in a single round on me.
00:04, Neuzd> The book turned out to be a spellbook of Cone of Cold, so it shouldn't have been that.
00:09, Neuzd> Well, of course I'm wrong: "If the spellbook is cursed, harmful effects will happen: you might lose all of your gold."
00:10, Neuzd whispers: It wasn't cursed but "uncursed and too difficult" can activate those effect as well.
14:34, Neuzd> Mmh, what about a DS telnet client and playing at
21:27, Ryan> Sigh. Yep, so yesterday's release had a last-minute bug. Fixed version 1.8.2 now available!